D-Tools and Portal.io Integration

by Adam Maslach

We are excited to announce that DriverCentral drivers are now linked in D-Tools and Portal.io!

This integration allows you to increase job profits while speeding up installation time by easily adding drivers into your bids. We understand how important it is to have a streamlined workflow and to provide your customers with the best possible experience. That's why we have worked with leading proposal creation companies like D-Tools and Portal.io to seamlessly integrate all our products, descriptions, images, and prices.

This means that you can now access all the necessary information you need, all in one place, to help you make informed decisions that will ultimately lead to better outcomes for your projects.



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Portal.io is a proposal tool for professional AV installers. For more information visit www.portal.io

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D-Tools provides integrators with resources for project management, design, documentation, and collaboration. To find out more visit www.d-tools.com

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At DriverCentral, we are committed to helping you achieve your goals and succeed in your business. Our focus on innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction is what sets us apart from the rest. We are confident that our integration with D-Tools and Portal.io will make your job easier and more efficient, so you can focus on delivering outstanding results to your clients. Thank you for choosing DriverCentral for all your driver needs.

Developer Spotlight: Yatun

by Adam Maslach

Yatun is a brand representative and B2B supplier of smart home automation systems, audio and video control, intelligent wiring and security technologies. They also develop our own software that helps to improve smart home integrations and provide full technical support to our business partners – smart home integrators.

Featured Drivers:

Developer Spotlight: Cindev

by Adam Maslach


Cindev produces top-of-the-line drivers for Control4 systems and products. Their drivers give smart home owners the Power of Control, allowing users to maximize the functions of technology and fully control customized smart home automation systems. Cindev's team has the ability to create drivers for manufacturer’s products as well as develop unique drivers that allow home owners to experience additional features and abilities.

Here is a highlight of some of the most popular products including paid, free, as well as a special collection of drivers provided by Cindev.

Agent Bundle:
Notifications, alerts, and automations made simple using the Cindev Agents. The Agent Bundle provides a suite of drivers that unlock the potential of items found in every Control4 project. The software is built with both the customer satisfaction and dealer ease of install in mind. Click on the drivers below to find out how each driver can bring more to your project!
The collection of agents currently consists of 13 drivers which include Email+Garage, Login, Modes, Power, Remote, Temperature, Voice, Camera, Doorbell, Dealer, Water and Battery agents.

Key Drivers:

Cindev is always on the lookout for the next big product that does not currently have a Control4 integration solution. Over the years Cindev has developed over 70 drivers that provide solutions for lighting, energy, security, irrigation, networking, camera, doorbell, shades, receivers and other products. Here are just a few of the drivers engineered by Cindev:

Manufacturer (Free) Drivers:

In addition to many of the paid drivers Cindev has listed on DriverCentral there are many free drivers that were developed alongside manufacturers to provide solutions for their products. Some of Cindev's partners include: For a more complete list of partners visit: www.cindev.com/partners

New C4 Lighting Interface

by Adam Maslach

Over the last couple of years we have seen countless lighting products released with the ability to control not only brightness but also color, ambiance (temperature) and other effects. Though some workarounds were created to have these products integrate with Control4 the integrations lacked a native user interface to easily control the features of modern lighting products..... until now!

Control4's OS3.3 has provided us with a modern interface allowing for full control of lighting products:

The interface is now available both on Control4 touchscreens and mobile apps.

The following features of the interface provide the customer with the ability to:
control brightness
control full color spectrum (including lightness)
control temperature (adjusted for the temperature range of products, in Kelvin)
set custom presets
and more!

Due to this major change DriverCentral's developers have been furiously making updates to all of their lighting drivers to support the latest features.

Drivers that have been updated include:

Driver updates to be on the lookout for in the very near future include:

Adeo Control SGDD-C4-4 Server Gateway DT8 & DMX Driver Suite

Developer Spotlight: Chowmain

by Adam Maslach

Chowmain Software & Apps was founded in 2013 by Alan Chow and currently houses six developer. The development team focuses on creating software for nine home automation platforms:
  • Control4
  • Crestron
  • Crestron Home
  • ELAN
  • Fibaro
  • RTI
  • Q-SYS
  • Savant
  • URC
Since 2013 Chowmain has released over 200 drivers either manufacturer sponsored (free: certified & non-certified) or sold through DriverCentral (licenced).

Key Drivers:

 Note: Links are to the Control4 versions of the driver. Drivers are also available on other platforms.


Unique Facts:

The Chowmain name was created after a few too many beers and coming up with a joke about Chowmein going well with Extra Vegetables, another driver developer who has since been purchased by Control4. (Changed Chowmein to Chowmain to make it more searchable in google.)

In 2018 Alan won a Connected Magazine award for being the most influential person in the industry: https://connectedmag.com.au/golden-paul-2018-how-you-like-me-chow/

Find Chowmain Here:

Company Website: http://www.chowmainsoft.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/chowmain_soft

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/chowmain-software-&-apps

Leave us a review

by Adam Maslach

Love our drivers... Let us know!
Drivers need improvement... Let us know!

DriverCentral has improved product reviews in our marketplace so that you may easily share your opinions with the rest of our community. 


Reviews can be submitted by visiting the desired driver page and clicking on the 'Extended reviews' tab.

Information on the tab will display previously submitted reviews for which you can show approval by clicking like/dislike buttons. Otherwise, you can let us know what's on your mind by clicking on the 'Write a review' button and quickly filling out the review form.

Since this is a new feature there are some products on the site that may be missing the 'Extended reviews' page. If you wish to submit a review for a product but do not see the option to do so visit help.drivercentral.io and let us know you would like to leave a review. We'll reach out to the developers and let them know of your request so that they may turn that option on for you!

We're greatly looking forward to your comments!

Find DriverCentral (and our developers) in more places!

by Adam Maslach
After numerous requests to make our content available to a wider audience we took the necessary steps to grow our outreach. We put together a newsletter, which you can share with anyone that might be interested, to make DriverCentral's future content easily accessible on many of your favorite platforms.


Starting now all of our latest news will be shared across all of the following platforms:
Web: Main Site: www.drivercentral.io
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FaceBook: @drivercentral.io
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Additional places our content will posted:
SnapOne forums: tech.control4.com
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Public Control4 forums: www.c4forums.com
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Follow us! Tweet us! Share our videos! Comment on our posts! Or just say hello on any platforms mentioned above!
In addition to finding DriverCentral across many platforms we also want you to be able to locate all of our developers. They will be able to provide you with the latest news specific to their drivers as well as general information/tooltips to get the most out of their software in your next project!
Web: www.cindev.com
YouTube: Cindev
Facebook: @cindev.software
Instagram: @cindev.software
Twitter: @cindev_software
LinkedIn: Cindev
Web: wedevelopdrivers.com
Twitter: @kiwifarmit
LinkedIn: Kiwifarm
Web: www.homemation.co.za
Facebook: @Homemation
Instagram: @homemation_sa
Twitter: @homemation
LinkedIn: Homemation
Web: www.yatun.cz
Facebook: @yatuncz
Instagram: @yatun_cz
Twitter: @yatuncz
LinkedIn: YATUN s.r.o.
Web: www.adeogroup.it
YouTube: Adeo Group s.r.l.
Facebook: @AdeoGroupSrl
Twitter: @AdeoSrl
LinkedIn: Adeo Group s.r.l
Web: www.diwodo.fr
YouTube: Diwodo
Twitter: @DiwodoOfficial
LinkedIn: Diwodo
Web: www.dtiautomation.com
Facebook: @dtiautomation
Instagram: @dti.automation
Twitter: @DtiUdaipur
LinkedIn: Dti Automation


by Shelby Schwartz


Domosapiens was created in 2006 as the founder/owner, Paul Biron, was building a new house with the clear intent to overdo everything in Home Automation.  The house, located near Montreal, Canada, contains 78,000 feet of wiring.
Domosapiens began developing drivers in 2013 when a Control4 dealer asked about solving a client problem with an HAI security system which often beeped in the middle of the night. This is how their first and most complex Control4 driver was born - the Leviton/HAI Omni-Lumina IP driver. The driver successfully fixed the client's problem. 


As Domosapiens' founder had selected to implement Control4 in his house, several drivers followed - mostly answering in-home needs he had. These drivers are all put to real, everyday use!


As one of DriverCentral's first developers, Domosapiens has continued to develop value-added drivers, providing enhanced functions for Shades/Blinds, Keypads, Lighting, Experience Buttons, Thermostats,  etc. Domosapiens always tries to maximize the functions for clients while reducing the installation effort by the dealer, helping to increase project profitability.


Domosapiens has also developed many manufacturer-sponsored drivers, many of which have been certified by Control4. Some of Domosapiens' clients include Somfy Systems, Atlona, Sinopé, Audio Authority, and Dooya.

Check out their page!


Domosapiens currently has the following drivers available:


Untitled-2-12.png.png?1625589766416.     connectorr_DC.jpg.png?1622052199413      ControlID_DC.jpg.png?1622052214934      HM_Future_Auto_Swivel_Mech.png.png?1625589858670.     Untitled-2-12.png.png?1625589766416.     connectorr_DC.jpg.png?1622052199413.   

ControlID_DC.jpg.png?1622052214934      HM_Future_Auto_Swivel_Mech.png.png?1625589858670


DTI Automation

by Shelby Schwartz


DTI Automation Pvt. Ltd. is a company specializing in the field of home automation. DTI stands for Designing The Imagination. It is headquartered in the city of Vadodara, Gujarat, India. The company was established in the year 2011 and in a short span of just two years, it was awarded as GOLD dealer of Control4 in the year 2013. In 2020, DTI received the Control4 DIAMOND Dealer Badge. The company uses Control4 controllers and related software and programming to customize automation to meet their customers' needs.

Back in 2014, when the Automation Industry in India was growing and demanding a reliable and cost-effective lighting solution, some local Indian brands were trying their best and coming up with really robust and quite cost-effective lighting systems. but they lacked software development and User Interface. DTI's efforts were the icing on the cake. DTI developed exclusive Control4 drivers for many Indian Lighting Systems like Raylogic & Vavis. DTI also developed some cool drivers like EPG, TataSky IP Control, Yale Lock RF 2-Way Driver, Apple Siri Shortcut. And that's not all, DTI makes its own hum-free fan module which is very compatible with Control4.

The latest game-changer drivers from DTI are based on Integration with the Apple ecosystem. There are two drivers, first driver provides Apple shortcut integration with Control4 this is a very simple but too powerful driver, and the second driver is enabling a whole new level of integration. This Apple home kit driver enables controlling of all Control4 devices via Apple’s Native Home app which enables lots of new features like Geofencing, Remote access without 4sight, Siri Voice commands integration, and many more.

DTI always encourages integrators and dealers, you can see it in the fact that all drivers are free for Control4 showrooms and also they have wisely created driver documents and a very organized driver support team.

Check out their page!


DTI Automation currently has the following drivers available:


Untitled-2-12.png.png?1625589766416.   connectorr_DC.jpg.png?1622052199413.   ControlID_DC.jpg.png?1622052214934      HM_Future_Auto_Swivel_Mech.png.png?1625589858670



by Shelby Schwartz

Homemation is a dynamic distribution company that supplies premium audio visual, automation, and other lifestyle products to the South African and Sub-Saharan markets. As one of the largest South African distributors with over 20 years of experience in the industry, Homemation has offices and showrooms based in both Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Homemation started developing drivers for their own showrooms and personal houses. A few years ago, another industry veteran and DriverCentral Developer gave Homemation a huge nudge to publish and distribute drivers, starting with the Occupancy Driver. While Homemation mostly still writes drivers for their Showrooms and personal homes which allows them to battle test them before release, they have now written a few drivers specifically for dealers as well. No matter the origin of the driver, Homemation now releases them on DriverCentral for all to use.

Homemation's products serve the residential, commercial, and hospitality markets, and they have certified specialist retailers and qualified custom installers who are able to create solutions for any project.


Check out their page!


Homemation currently has the following drivers available:

Untitled-2-12.png.png?1625589766416.   connectorr_DC.jpg.png?1622052199413.   ControlID_DC.jpg.png?1622052214934      HM_Future_Auto_Swivel_Mech.png.png?1625589858670

messenger.jpg.png?1622051108404.   Towel_01_On.png.png?1625589898112

ControlID_DC.jpg.png?1622052214934      Light_to_Relay_Icon.png.png?1625589985954

messenger.jpg.png?1622051108404.   webrelay_170.png.png?1625590018322