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Version: 20240215
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Govee creates high-quality LED lighting and smart home devices. They diligently strive to provide you with groundbreaking products that help illuminate your greatest moments in dynamic color. Govee devices include smart plugs, indoor LED strips, TV backlighting, floor lamps, table lamps, smart bulbs, guided lighting and more

The driver supports the following functionality.


  • Bi-directional control and feedback
  • Cloud based integration
  • Import of all Govee lighting from the customer account
  • On / Off control
  • Brightness control
  • Color Temperature control
  • RGB Color control
  • Advanced Lighting Scene Support
  • Color Wheel Support (Requires OS3.3.0+)


What is the difference between the Light V1 and Light V2 Drivers

  • Native ColorWheel Support
  • White Temperature Selector
  • Native support for Advanced Light Color / White Temperature based scenes
  • Improved diagnostics support
  • Improved management of light capabilities.
  • V2 requires OS3.3.0+
  • Scene ramping support
  • Support for Dimmer Load Support (not compatible with Color lights)

We recommend upgrading all customers to V2 and OS 3.3.0+ when possible for the best experience

Where can i purchase these devices from?

Govee is available in the US, Canada, Europe and United Kingdom through various retails. Please visit the Govee website for more details

What hardware does this support?

This supports any Govee wifi enabled devices.

Do you offer showroom discounts?
We offer dealers a free showroom licence for demonstration and educational purposes.  See link below for T&C's and signup procedure.

Chowmain Dealer Showroom FAQ

I want to try this driver out before buying it?
All Chowmain drivers for Control4 come with a 90 day trial. 

Do you offer other drivers?

We have hundreds of drivers.  Many of which are manufacturer sponsored and free.  Please visit our website to view all available drivers including FREE drivers.


Version 20240215 - 15-FEB-2024

  • [Bug] Fix Crash on Light which occurs after Controller reboot in some circumstances (Light V2)
  • [Bug] CCT during Scenes was being incorrectly changed to the equivilent RGB. CCT Scenes now remain as CCT
  • [Troubleshooting] Major new Diagnostics. Some Diagnostics take 24hrs to become fully active (All)
  • [Troubleshooting] New Action. "Display All Related Diagnostics". This provides Diagnostics for all Govee Devices/Drivers in Project (All)
  • [Performance] When Debugging is enabled, Up to 28x-100x speedup in logging performance improvement in some benchmarks of 10000 logs (ie, 6631ms vs 60ms in the best case).
  • [Performance] Print and Cloud Debugging will switch to cloud only after 24hrs automatically.
  • [Performance] Speed up some certain operations by 9ms-22ms (or more). Particularly on large Govee systems or slow controllers (such as a CA1), this may reduce CPU spikes, and in all cases, it will improve latency further (All)
  • [Troubleshooting] Miscellaneous Troubleshooting Improvements

Version 20240118 - 18-JAN-2024

  • (Troubleshooting) Add more feedback in logs (Agent)
  • (Bug) Show Current Color Temperature Property Correctly (Light V2)
  • (Usability) Improve Troubleshooting (All)
  • (Optimise) Reduce Commands sent to server (Light V2)
  • (Usability) Add Current Color Mode Property (Light V2)

Version 20231127 - 27-NOV-2023

  • (Optimisation) Optimise Previous On Color Mode to allow different light modes to continue operating for brightness operations (Light V2) - Thanks Steve Stoytchev
  • (Feature) Increase Maximum Poll Rate to 86400s (Agent)
  • (Optimisation) Only Poll Attached Devices (Agent) - Thanks Steve Stoytchev
  • Add Full OS3.3 Preset Support. Includes Dim-To-Warm Support and previous states (Light v2)

Version 20230522

  • Fix compatibility with Relay To Light and some other drivers (All) - Thanks Rob Riesenbeck

Version 20230322

  • Improve Daylight Agent Support (Light V2)
  • Fix issue with default color capabilities (Light V2) - Thanks John Detoro

Version 20230215

  • Improve OS 3.3.2 Compatibility (Light V2)
  • Modify default color capabilities (Light V2) - Thanks John Detoro

Version 20230210

  • Add new Quota Tracking Properties (All but Light V1)
  • Update Diagnostics and Debug System (All)

Version 20230104

  • Improved Diagnostics And improve Creation of Bindings (All) - Thanks John Detoro
  • Fix Composer Crash related to Current Color Property (Light V2) - Thanks John Detoro

Version 20220825

  • Enable Low Level Control4 Driver Optimisations. Controller must be rebooted after upgrade for optimisations to become active (All)
  • Improve Diagnostics (All)
  • Upgrade to our New Documentation System (All)

Version 20220804

  • Fix Minor Diagnostics bug (All)
  • Upgrade Diagnostics System (All)
  • Improve Fault detection (All)

Version 20220628 [STABLE]

  • Fixes minor crash in some circumstances whilst polling for new feedback (Agent) - Thanks Anonymous via Diagnostic Submission
  • Improve Locale Handling (Light V2)

Version 20220617 [STABLE]

This is a bugfix / Enhancement release

  • Add Error Reporting (ALL)
  • Redesign command system, to avoid hitting rate limits (Light V2)

Version 20220509 [Stable]

This is a major new release

  • Added New Govee Light V2 Driver for OS 3.3.0 or later (Light V2)
  • Add Diagnostics and Submit Actions (All)
  • Fix BUTTON_LINK (Light V1,Light V2)

It is recommended all users upgrade to Control4 OS 3.3.0 or later and switch to our newer Light V2 Driver

Version 20220216

  • Update Debugging (all)
  • Fix LUA Error During First-Run (Agent)
  • Minor cleanup
  • Additional Backend Changes
  • Fix Scenes in Light

Version #20211112 - 12-NOV-2021

  • Further Improve Debugging

Version 20211005 - 05 October 2021

  • Improve Debugging
  • Fix Lua Error

Version 20210705 - 05 July 2021

  • Initial Release