LIFX Wi-Fi LED Lights

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Version: 2
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With the LIFX line of energy-efficient RGBW Wi-Fi enabled bulbs, you can design your space like never before. They offer a complete line of modern, powerful smart lights for every space. With one TRILLION colours plus massive cool to warm white range their A19 bulb can reach a blinding 1100 lumens. For power users, add endless integrations, including Control4.

The best part is that LIFX does not require a separate hub and our driver talks directly to the light on the local LAN!

Please note, this purchase is only for the Control4 driver and does NOT include the actual LED bulb.

This Control4 driver gives you local integration of these lights including:

  • No Internet required - sends commands directly to the lights on the local LAN!
  • Dynamic selection - automatically finds all the bulbs on the network and lets you select from a drop down with the name!
  • Individual sliders for dimming, selecting color, adjusting temperature and saturation
  • Properties showing you the name of the light and product type
  • V2 light proxy including support for Advanced Lighting Scenes
  • Connect the color of a keypad LED to the color of the bulb
  • Specify a Kelvin temperature preset to use
  • Each slider can control multiple bulbs
  • Support for LIFX theme recall
  • Change the bulb to a selected set of themes, over a transition duration and after a specified delay.

Although we have not tested every single SKU, it should support the following:

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This driver integrates a LIFX Wi-Fi Smart Light Bulb into Control4. Please ensure the light is connected to the network and operating normally through the app before integrating into the control system. A license is required to use this driver.

  1. Add driver to project.
  2. If license is activated, the select light property will contain available lights ready to be controlled. If this list is empty, ensure a license has been activated and manually click the discover lights action button.
  3. After a selection was made, the other properties should update and the light is ready for control.
  4. Bind the sliders, if desired, for control over the individual colors.
  5. Refresh navigators. 



Cloud Status:

Indicates status with the cloud.

Automatic Updates:

Displays when a newer version of the driver is located in the cloud.

Select Light:

Displays the currently known lights on the network to select for control. Clicking discover lights may be necessary to update this dynamic property. Once a selection is made, the other properties will update their values based on this selection.


Displays the current name of the LIFX Wi-Fi Light bulb you wish to control.

MAC Address:

Displays the current MAC Address of the LIFX Wi-Fi Light bulb you wish to control.


Displays the current status of the LIFX Wi-Fi Lightbulb you're controlling.

Product Name:

Automatically updates the product name of the controlled LIFX Wi-Fi Lightbulb.

Polling Enabled:

Allows you to turn on polling of the LIFX Wi-Fi Lightbulb (TRUE) or off (FALSE).

Polling Frequency:

Allows you to specify a number of seconds between each poll.

Temperature Preset:

Allows you to specify a temperature, in Kelvin, to use as a preset and default temperature.

On Button Color Sync:

When ON, the color of the button/keypad LED connected to the "ON Button Link" will be syncronized with the color of the LIFX Wi-Fi Lightbulb.



Allows you to turn the display of debug messages in the lua output window ON or OFF.



Discover Lights

Sends out a discovery message and loads any light that responds to the Select Light dynamic property list.



Set Color:

Sets a specific color to the light

Set Theme:

Sets a preset theme to the light



Color Control

Enables control over the color spectrum

Saturation Control

Enables control over saturation values

Temperature Control

Enables control over temperature values





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- Initial Release


- Changed light level calculation to be more accurate