Audac R2

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Version: 1037
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This driver enables network control (TCP/IP) and integration of the AUDAC R2 digital matrix system in Control4.

The device works basically as an 8×8 matrix amplifier.

Supported features

  • Network control & feedback (TCP/IP).
  • Input/output matrix switching.
  • Volume control.
  • Mute control.
  • Bass & treble control.
  • Automatic driver updates (via driverCentral Cloud).


No AUDAC peripheral devices or wall panels have been tested with the driver at this point.


Licensing & trial

This driver is licensed through the driverCentral Cloud driver and does not function without it. Make sure you have added it in the project and that it’s been successfully registered with the licensing server.

The usual, once-per-system 14-day trial period is available.

Hardware configuration

You will need to download and install the AUDAC System Manager software to configure the device. Some configuration and control is also possible from the device’s Flash-based web-interface.

At the very least, you will need to assign a valid IP address (and other network configuration) to the device.

Driver setup

  1. Add the driver to the project.
  2. Enter the device’s IP address in the Connections → Network → IP Network tab.
  3. Make device & room bindings in the Connection → Control/AV section.
  4. Refresh navigators.


The driver was developed and tested with Control4 3.0.0 and AUDAC R2 DSP board software version 4.10.

If you need help setting up the hardware, please refer to the manufacturer’s website or ask your local AUDAC distributor for assistance.

If you need help with the driver itself, or you want to request a new feature, please use the appropriate driverCentral support channels.

[1.37] - 2019-07-22

  • Fixed version property.

[1.32] - 2019-07-19

  • First public release.