Exciting New Things at DriverCentral!

DriverCentral is excited to announce that another new developer has joined the site! YATUN is a software development company that has been creating Control4 drivers since 2007. The company became a Control4 authorized distributor in 2009.

The YATUN team has been in the smart home industry for many years, educating installation companies and providing technical support to Control4 dealers. YATUN specializes in complex system integrations and helping dealers propel projects forward.

YATUN already has two drivers loaded on the DriverCentral - Audac R2 and 
Devialet Expert Pro. The Audac R2 driver enables network control (TCP/IP) and integration of the AUDAC R2 digital matrix system in Control4. The Devialet Expert Pro driver enables two-way integration for the ultimate audiophile system, Devialet Exert Pro Amplifiers. Visit their page to check out their drivers! 
MSRP: $200.00
MSRP: $150.00
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