Proluxe Lighting DMX IP Gateway

Version: 20231228


Local OS 2.10OS 3


Integrate DMX into Control4 faster than ever before with the Proluxe DMX IP Gateway by American Lighting.  Using Control4 SDDP and a variety of custom tailored drivers, dealers can create amazing lighting solutions quickly and efficiently.  

Proluxe by American Lighting manufactures high grade LED fixtures and tape light to create an amazing lighting solution for customers.  The Proluxe DMX IP Gateway and accompanying driver developed by Cindev allows American Lighting to provide a complete single manufacture solution from Hardware to Software simplifying installation.

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  • Controls DMX lighting via IP
  • Local control (does not use Cloud)
  • SDDP Supported
  • CCT, Tunable white supported
  • RGB, RGBW, RGBTW with color supported
  • Connection bindings for each channel. Supports reporting for installation documentation
  • Brightness, Ambiance, Color sliders
  • Preset driver for easy control of color, ambiance, rotate and randomization features
  • Select specific Color temperature or Color from Control4 programming
  • Support Circadian Rhythm systems
  • Driver provided by American Lighting



Using the latest technology from Control4, Cindev has produced a multi-layered suite of drivers each designed to streamline implementation of color, tunable white (called Ambiance) and brightness into Control4 systems.  These light drivers are configured with a brightness slider, an ambiance slider and a color slider.  


General Wiring Layout

Complete wiring documentation can be found here: American Lighting - DMX Decoder wiring


Brightness Slider

 This slider will increase or lower the brightness of light based on the color or warmth selection intended.


Warmth Slider

This slider will change the color of the light from 0% (warmest) to 100% (coolest) color the LED strip can support. Each light driver supports custom settings so you can choose max/min warm/cool levels using standard Kelvin values. 

Note: ProLuxe has two types of warm/cool LED strips:

  • 2 channel (2700K-6000K)
  • 3 channel (1800K to 6000K).


Color Slider

Cindev developed a custom single slider that can be used to select color.  The slider starts at RED (0%) and traverses to GREEN (33%) then to BLUE (66%) and finally back to RED (100%) giving customers an incredibly simple and responsive color slider.


Light Preset Driver

Cindev has also developed a highly intuitive color selection and warmth selection driver giving dealers a truly unique experience not found on any other DMX integration. This allows you to create smart color intuitive dashboards for your customers.


Compatible Control4 Systems
Functional with 2.10.6 though certain features are designed specifically for 3.x


Driver License Activation
This driver is provided free of charge by American Lighting Inc.

Driver Download (3.2.4 and lower) (, 3,735 Kb) [Download]

Driver Download (3.3+) (, 4,965 Kb) [Download]

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Installers Guide
Click here to access the full installers guide that includes driver setup instructions as well as driver feature details.


Warranty and Disclaimer
For a full description of terms and conditions pertaining to Cinegration Development's drivers please visit
  •  20231228
    • Preset driver now will stop randomize/rotate on a linked light changing by customer.
    • Added support for Advanced Lighting keypad HOLD dimming.
    • Improved proxy updates when lights are changing.
  •  20230917
    • Fixed issue where lights would come on to 100% on a project restart
    • Fixed issue where Composer Variable LIGHT_COLOR_NAME was not being updated
    • General improvements
  •  20230428
    • Fixed lua error on new install brightness change (from 20230330)
    • Fixed Reset driver not triggering on DriverAction
  •  20230119
    • Fixed issue with RGBW (new configuration) would turn RED on OFF (since 20230111 update)
  •  20230111
    • Fixed issue with tri-white and dual-white since 12.2022 update
  •  20220829
    • Fixed universe addressing issues
  •  20220817
    • New multi universe setup and configuration.
      • Gateway/Driver now support up to 4 different DMX universes per Gateway. See documentation on setup instructions
    • Updated Auto Off Time feature to support any time value from 1 second to 86400 seconds or one day
  •  20220625
    • Updated Lighting Preset Driver
    • Now supports custom color selection for up to 10 colors (both random and ordered)
  •  20220525
    • Added alert when using incorrect driver on certain OS versions
  •  20220516
    • Fixed issue with Presets not triggering for new light driver
    • Misc bugs fixes
  •  20220310
    • Official Release