Axion Lighting DMX Controller

Axon Engineering
30 days
Version: 21

* Now supporting the Daylight Agent, Single Color and Tunable White in a single driver *

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This is a commercial grade solution designed to deliver unparalleled reliability with a specific focus on the best possible control integration possible. Specifically, the solution gives full exposure of DMX devices in Control4, Crestron, Elan, URC, and RTI systems. The overall solution is designed to give our partners highly flexible, modular installation options that can grow as needs and preferences change.

The Axion DMX solution is primarily targeted at both tunable whites and RGB colors, but because it interacts using the DMX512 protocol it will also support many other commercial devices such as motors, lasers, smoke machines, and more.

Supporting RGB, RGBW, and RGBWW all via Control4's new color lighting proxy including temperature

Driver Download (, 1,166 Kb) [Download]


The Axion DMX Lighting Controller enables you to fully control a DMX512 system via IP without the complexity of traditional expensive counterparts. It also delivers a more reliable solution compared to standard consumer Wi-Fi enabled individual lighting options.

Since the controller supports SDDP, you can either integrate via DHCP or assign the unit a static IP address.


  • Compatible with all DMX512 lighting loads, including devices like lasers and smoke machines
  • Individually addressable, reliable wired bus supports exact timing and dimming
  • Auto Discovery via SDDP
  • Supports connecting the driver to keypad buttons (with LED feedback), allowing for quick on/off/toggle programming
  • Two-way feedback from the device.
  • Trigger any of the pre-programmed color effects


Quick Start Guide

  • Add the controller driver to project (or double-click on the device in the Discovered tab)
  • If you didn’t use SDDP, enter the IP address under the Network section of the Connections tab.
  • Add as many “Axion DMX Dimmer” drivers as you have independent lighting loads.
  • EG: If you have a 3 channel DMX decoder controlling 3 individual white LED strips, you would add 3 dimmer drivers to control each independently.
  • EG: If you have a 4 channel DMX decoder with 1 LED strip that has Red, Green, Blue and White, then you would just add 1 dimmer
  • On the Dimmer driver, first enter the beginning DMX address of the device you are integrating.
  • Then, select the type of device you are controlling from the drop down.
  • For color control, you can either add 1 “Axion DMX Color Slider” to control both Red, Green, and Blue together, or you can add multiples to control each color amount separately. With this option the color sliders will be linked together and move as the dimming and color changes.
  • For single color control, use the “Axion DMX Color Dimmer” which allows you to set a specific color and then control the brightness. This will give you an independent dimmer with reaction similar to normal Control4 or Lutron dimmers.
  • Selecting “Custom” from the color drop down will expose discrete RGB values for you to enter.
  • Click on connections
  • Verify the Axion DMX Control connection is bound to your Dimmer drivers
  • Verify the Axion DMX Dimmer has applicable slider drivers bound to either Red, Green, Blue, White, or RGB control.



  • Axion DMX Control
    Used for communications between the dimmer driver and controller driver.
  • RGB Control
    Dimmer that encompasses the entire RGB spectrum in values ranging from 0-100 where 100 is white or full brightness of all channels.
  • Red Color Control
    Dimmer that encompasses the red spectrum in values ranging from 0-100.
  • Green Color Control
    Dimmer that encompasses the green spectrum in values ranging from 0-100.
  • Blue Color Control
    Dimmer that encompasses the blue spectrum in values ranging from 0-100.
  • White Color Control
    Dimmer that encompasses the white spectrum in values ranging from 0-100.


  • Save Preset
    Save the current channel level and ramp rate to a save slot 1-4.
  • Recall Preset
    Recall channel level and ramp rate from a save slot 1-4.
  • Start Color Cycle Animation
    Sets color and cycles around the HSV spectrum at a given rate. Only one animation can be active at a time.
  • Start Level Animation
    Ramps to random target levels. Only one animation can be active at a time.
  • Stops Animation
    Stops the current animation.
  • Set Theme
    Sets a color theme.
  • Set Effect
    Sets an effect with a given interval for a given amount of time. Only one effect can be active at a time.
  • Stop Effect
    Stops the current effect.

Version 22

  • Added support for “Single Color” and “Tunable White” in the newer axion_dmx_rgbw_dimmer.c4z driver. Now all LED types are supported in a single driver!

Version 21

  • Updated network logic to send commands more reliably.
  • Fixed search type for SDDP so you can drag and drop.
  • Added support for updating the RGBW dimmer drivers while handling effects.
  • Added support for the Daylight Agent.
  • Added proxy notifications while performing an effect.
  • Added a toggle and adjustable timer for debouncing the brightness slider sending a copious number of changes starting in OS 3.3.3.

Version 19

  • Added support for default brightness and color rate.
  • Added support for 16-bit DMX bus modes.
  • Updated proxy color changing notification.

Version 18

  • Fix for scenes being lost when activating more than one scene at a time.

Version 17

  • Increase speed of communication with controller to help with large scenes.

Version 16

  • Fix for bug with advanced lighting scene agent trigger.

Version 15

  • NOTE: If upgrading from a previous version, you MUST select ‘Default On Color/Temperature’ in the driver properties again.
  • Resolved an issue with brightness calculation after setting a color.
  • Fix to properly handle color ramping between two colors.
  • Fix to prevent a single button event from triggering multiple times.
  • Fix for button proxy messages to be redirected to button actions.

Version 14

  • Fix to prevent more than one ‘Advanced Effect’ from being triggered on the same group of channels.
  • Fix to allow RGBW lights to properly utilize the white channel for its corresponding temperature.
  • Fix for the display of the white channel properties based on the type of device selected.

Version 13

  • Added Advanced Effects ‘flash’ and ‘glow’ that support up to 5 colors.

Version 12

  • Fix for light feedback when triggering a scene from ‘off’ state.
  • Fix for ‘glow’ and ‘blink’ effects not applying the selected RGB color.

Version 11

  • Updated Advanced Lighting Scenes for brightness and color targets.

Version 10

  • Fix for light feedback when controlling brightness through programming.

Version 9

  • Update to support WW and CW via Control4 color proxy. Now able to set warmth using the temperature tab. 

Version 8

  • Resolve initialization error preventing the proper connection to controller driver in some instances. 
  • Fix math issue for ramping up/down.

Version 6

  • Initial Release