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Version: 1002
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The Control4 Home Automation system can control nearly all aspects of a customer’s smart home. Cinegration Development created a better email system for Control4, allowing any message to be sent to any email with camera images! Customer email changed? No need to redo programming as you do with the current email agent - simply update the single email field.



  • Stores a common email address that can be changed easily
  • Attach a camera snapshot image to the message
  • Proper email and text conversation grouping; all messages will come from the same address every time
  • Does not require Control4 4Sight
  • Can send up to 50 emails per day
  • History Report in driver
  • Can replace Email Agent in Composer Programming

Project Ideas:

  • Gate Open alert. Get an alert 'Gate has been opened' and INCLUDE the gate camera when it's tripped
  • Security Alarm. Get an alert of the camera
  • Door lock alerts



This driver is compatible with Control4 2.9.1 or higher. A strong network connection is required to effectively utilize this driver.

What does this driver control? 
This driver allows dealers to create email and text notifications that do not require 4Sight and optionally need a camera snapshot.

Do I need 4Sight to receive emails? 
No, this driver uses Cinegration's own email server.

What hardware do I need? 
Other than Control4, no hardware is required. If you want the camera image, then a Control4-supported camera is required. 

Where can I get support if I have an issue?
If you have questions or issues with the driver or integration, please go to and submit a ticket.

Do you offer showroom discounts? 
All Cinegration Development drivers support the DriverCentral showroom project.

Can I try this driver out before buying it?
All Cinegration Development drivers for Control4 come with a 7-day trial. Simply add the DriverCentral licensing driver along with this driver and you can fully test the driver before purchasing. 


Driver is provided by Cinegration Development LLC.  All rights reserved.

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Driver: Email+ Agent

Compatible Control4 Systems:  2.9.1, 2.10.x

Driver Features:

  • Powerful email and text notification system for Control4
  • Does not require 4Sight
  • Attach camera snapshot to any email
  • Global email address for faster email setup
  • Custom email address also available


  • Add driver to project
  • Send email and text message as needed via Composer Command
  • Send up to 50 emails per day
  • Email to Text -> (use MMS when using camera snapshot!) NOTE: Verizon MMS does not currently work our email server. Only SMS will work, this means Verizon customers CANNOT receive images.  We are working on a solution and once one is developed, we will update the driver.
    • AT&T: (MMS)
    • T-Mobile: & MMS)
    • Verizon: (SMS), (MMS)
    • Sprint:, (MMS)
    • Virgin Mobile: (SMS), (MMS)
    • Tracfone: (MMS)
    • Metro PCS: (SMS & MMS)
    • Boost Mobile: (MMS)
    • Cricket: (MMS)
    • Google Fi (Project Fi): (SMS & MMS)
    • U.S. Cellular:
    • Ting:
    • Consumer Cellular:

Driver Notes:

  The driver will only send a total of 50 emails per day.  If the ip address, or login credentials of the camera driver changes, the Control4 system must be rebooted for driver to re-sync with new information.  Driver has been tested with: Dahua, WirePath, Luma, DoorBird, and IC RealTime cameras.  Any camera that has a proper snapshot image on Control4 should work with this driver.  Please test driver prior to delivering to customer.


      Cinegration strives to provide fully working drivers without defects.  However, changes and bugs may be found.  Because of this, any bug/maintenance update to this driver will be free of charge. However, due to the ever-changing nature of computer and audio/video systems, if a new version of the Control4® software creates issues with this driver, or feature enhancements, an upgrade version will be provided for an additional expense or free as determined by Cinegration.



  • 1002
    • Added support to send multiple emails at once including different camera images with each one
  • 1001
    • Fixed issue with certain cameras did not work correctly
  • 1000
    • Initial Release