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Version: 1003
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Now you can control water valve from any Control4 interface and create customized event programming for pressure, temperature, and flowrate!  Flo by Moen is an excellent water monitoring device with the ability to turn water on and off.  Now with Control4 integration by CinDev, Flo by Moen can be linked into the smart home. 


Update 10/25/2019: Flo by Moen recently updated many features to the API.  Cinegration Development is in the process of adding these new features to the driver.  The new version is expected to be released 1st Quarter 2020.  Note: Due to the way the new API works, the existing driver will not work.  Existing systems that do not update to the new update on Flo by Moen will not be affected.  We will update this page as updates are provided. 

Happy Integrating!
CinDev Development Team

 Integration Features

  • Turn water valve on or off from any Control4 interface 
  • Monitor water flow
  • Access Flo by Moen dashboard from T3 touchscreens
  • Control4 events in real-time for
    • Water Pressure (psi)
    • Water Temperature (f)
    • Water Rate of Flow (gal/min)
    • Leak Detection and Valve State
  • Change mode (Home, Away, Sleep) from Control4 programming
  • Automatic Push Notification support. No dealer setup required!
  • Automatic Email Alerts. 4Sight NOT required!
  • Voice Alerts over touch screens (Requires Voice Agent Driver)
  • Link Control4 connected water sensors for added security
  • Custom Leak Alarm with automatic water shut off built in
  • Cloud-based communication using OAuth 2.0, MQTT, and advanced web sockets


  • This driver is compatible with Control4 2.9.1 or higher. A strong network connection is required to effectively utilize this driver.
  • Driver requires Flo by Moen device to be setup with valid account.  FloProtect service is NOT required



What does this driver control? 
This driver controls the Flo by Moen Water Device.  To purchase or learn more visit: https://meetflo.com/products/flo-home-water-system/ 

Can I turn the water on and off? 
 Yes!  This driver comes with a custom button icon that when double clicked will turn the water on and off by default

Can I monitor the water flow in the home? 
Yes.  The driver has composer variables, events and conditionals pre-built to customize your customers water needs in the home

What kinds of alerts can the driver produce? 
The driver uses CinDev's custom notification actions for alerts.  From the Properties page of the driver, you can adjust Push notifications, Email, Voice Alerts and Water Valve On/Off.  If home requires greater customization, standard Control4 programming also works.

What happens when there is a leak? 
By default, the driver will notify email, push, touchscreens automatically.  Water Valve will be turned off.  To turn water back on, simply double tap the icon in Control4

How does this driver communicate with the hardware? 
This driver is cloud based.

Can the driver work without internet? 
No, this driver requires internet to work

Does this driver use the official API? 
Yes, Cinegration Development has a working agreement with Flo by Moen for the development and distribution of this driver.

Can I change the icon? 
Yes, this driver comes with 3 different icon styles.  Use Icon Style property to select the best fit for the project

What size water pipe does the Flo by Moen work on? 
From their website: "You may install the Flo by Moen device on up to a 1 ¼ inch supply line with the use of proper fittings. If the supply line is over 1 ¼ inches, you may still install the device however, there’s an increased risk of reduction in desirable pressure."

How many Flo by Moen devices can I install in a home? 
A single account currently can only have one Flo by Moen device (one Flo by Moen per email address).  Once multiple devices per account are added to Flo api, driver will be updated

Can I install this driver remote to track my vacation homes water? 
Yes.  This driver is cloud based and does not require local communication.  Have a vacation home you want to monitor the water, just add this driver into your Control4 project and authorize

How many water sensors can you connect to this driver?

There is no limit set by the driver.  You can have as many as your Control4 system can allow!  You can even mix and match.  Just bind them to the driver.  No addtional sensor programming or actions are required

C&S or Dammit water sensors require a clear alarm action to be sent when the water sensor detects water, does a dealer need to program this? 
No, the driver handles ALL programming required for proper clearing of alarms to C&S equipment.  

Where can I get support if I have an issue?
If you have questions or issues with the driver or integration, please go to https://help.drivercentral.io and submit a ticket.

Do you offer showroom discounts? 
All Cinegration Development drivers support the DriverCentral showroom project.

Can I try this driver out before buying it?
All Cinegration Development drivers for Control4 come with a 7-day trial. Simply add the DriverCentral licensing driver along with this driver and you can fully test the driver before purchasing. 


Driver is provided by Cinegration Development LLC.  All rights reserved.

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  • Step One (Hardware Setup)
    • Install Flo by Moen on water line of home (up to 1.25” Pipe)
    • Connect wifi and setup account
    • Verify you can turn water on/off and change modes (note: Flo by Moen is smart! this means the unit requires 2-3 weeks of learning your water habits before Home/Away/Sleep mode changes will occur.  Refer to device installation guide for more information
  • Step Two (Control4 Integration)
    • Add driver to project
    • Enter email address from account
      • An email will be sent to that account hold for authorization.  Once authorization has been accepted. Driver will automatically begin to work
    • Refresh Navigators
    • Customize driver (if required)




  • UIButton: Single Tap   / UIButton: Double Tap
    • These properties define what happens when icon on Control4 devices is tapped.  Below are the different options that can be done
    • Display Status: Will popup (T3 and On-Screen Navigators only) the current status of the device including water flow data, history, and water sensor status
    • Engage Away Mode: Activates Away mode on device (is more restrictive on amount of water flow)
    • Engage Home Mode: Activates Home mode on device (normal operation mode)
    • Engage Sleep Mode: Activates Sleep Mode on device (monitors usages and will NOT trigger alerts from device app)
    • Launch Webview: Will launch device dashboard.  Only available on T3 touchscreens.
    • Simulate Leak Alarm: Triggers a leak detection alarm on the driver and will simulate all actions and responses programmed
    • Toggle Water Valve: Will toggle the valve state on the unit
    • Turn Water On / Turn Water Off: Will turn water valve to that state
  • Driver Actions: These are actions that a dealer can quickly preform to see status and control device.
    • View Status: Same information as UIButton action (Display Status) except will be displayed on lua tab
    • Test Email: Will send a validation email to email address set under Email: To property
    • Clear Account: Will reset driver and allow it to be connected to a new device (requires confirm action)
    • Turn On/Off Water Valve: Same as UIButton button action
    • Set Mode (Home, Away, Sleep): Same as UIButton action
    • Simulate Leak Alarm: Same as UIButton action
  • Notify Actions: Lists the different states of the driver and will open the actions menu when a state is chosen.  States are as follows
    • OFFLINE: This state triggers when the driver cannot communicate with the Flo server or the driver has become disabled (Trial expired, License failure)
      • Default Notify Actions: Send Email, Send Push (Alert)
    • NORMAL: When driver/Flo is ok.  Valve is On and no water is flowing
      • Default Notify Actions: No Alerts by default
    • WATER_OFF: When water is turned off (note: leak detected will turn off water by default however, leak is more important than WATER_OFF state, so this event will not trigger on leak detected)
      • Default Notify Actions: No Alerts by default
    • FLOWING: When Flo is detecting water flowing (note: driver uses WebSocket’s and MQTT for fast communication. Average response time been around 3-5 seconds)
      • Default Notify Actions: No Alerts by default
    • LEAK: When Control4 connected water sensors detect a leak.  Driver currently does not receive when device specifically detects leak.  The water will shut off and all standard device actions programmed in device app will still occur.
      • Default Notify Actions: Send Email, Send Push (Alarm), Voice Alert (touchscreens), Navigator Popup, Turn water valve off
      • Once leak has been detected.  Customer MUST double tap driver icon to return to normal.
      • If there are multiple water sensors, each water sensor will trip leak detection. 
    • ALERT: Used with alerts from device
      • Default Notify Actions: Send Email, Send Push (Alert), Voice Alert (touchscreens), Navigator Popup


  The driver will create as many water sensor connections as required by project.  Dealer may need to click away from driver and click back on it for additional connections to appear.  It is recommended to connect FROM water sensor TO Flo device


  This driver works with the following Control4 Agents:

  • History Agent (Control4): For recording states and driver information inside Control4.  Note, driver also stores the last 20 events internally
  • Push Notification (Control4): Driver will create and maintain push notification template.  No dealer programming is required.  Customer will need push notifications enabled on https://customer.control4.com and app installed on device for notifications to work
  • Voice Agent (Cinegration): This agent available here will create voice alerts that come automatically through T3 touchscreens or speakers. This driver uses the announcement agent from Control4 and will create and handle all programming required for voice announcements

Composer Events:

  Driver comes with standard custom button ui events and events when the state of the driver changes.  Below is a list of custom events for this piece of hardware

  • Water Pressure Changed: Water pressure must change of 1 PSI or more
  • Water Temperature Changed: Water temperature change of 1-degree F or more
  • Water is Flowing: No matter what state driver is in; this event will trigger when water is flowing.
  • Home/Away/Sleep Mode Activated: When the system mode on the device changes

Composer Actions (commands):

  • Simulate Leak Alarm: Simulates a leak detected alarm and programming
  • Turn Water On/Off/Toggle: This will turn water valve to this state
  • Engage Home/Away/Sleep Mode: Will change system mode on Flo to this mode

Composer Conditionals (and/or):

  • Water Valve is (On / Off)
  • Water is (Flowing / Not Flowing)
  • System is (equal or not equal) to (Home/Away/Sleep)

Composer Variables:

  • LAST_MENU_SELECTED: UIButton proxy variable
  • LAST_ROOM_SELECTED: UIButton proxy variable
  • CURRENT_WATER_ALERT: The last message received from driver or device (example: Flo by Moen is ok, Flo by Moen has detected leak from kitchen water sensor. Turning off water)
  • IS_FLOWING: (bool)
  • SYSTEM_MODE: Current system mode (Home, Away, Sleep)
  • WATER_FLOW: (float) current water flow (gal/min)
  • WATER_PRESSURE: (integer) current water pressure (psi)
  • WATER_TEMPERATURE: (integer) current water temperature (f)


  • 1003 (6.2019)
    • Fixed issue where some leak alarms were not turning off water
    • Updated icons for 3.0
  • 1002 (5.2019)
    • Fixed issue where all DisplayStatus was in Push notification format
    • Updated Navigator DisplayStatus for OS 3.0
    • Removed Webview Launch due to Flo website not compatible with T3 Touchscreens
    • Fixed issue where Simulate Leak Alarm would not trigger in some circumstances
  • 1001 (3.18.2019)
    • Added health test events
  • 1000 (3.1.2019)
    • Initial Release