DriverCentral Trial and Showroom Project

Driver Trial

All DriverCentral drivers have a trial period, allowing dealers to test the features of any driver before purchasing it. Trial periods range from 7 to 30 days, depending on the developer’s specifications. The trial automatically begins when a driver is installed in a project.

Showroom Project

DriverCentral’s Showroom Project is a single license granted to individual dealers registered on DriverCentral. This Project allows dealers who meet the minimum yearly requirements to activate the majority of drivers listed on DriverCentral for a single showroom for a calendar year. By activating a Showroom Project, dealers are able to test drivers, experience driver features, and understand the key benefits of a driver first hand before it is sold to customers. The Showroom Project gives dealers the opportunity to demo and showcase the benefits of drivers on the marketplace to customers for use in Home Automation Systems. The showroom project is to be used solely for a single Dealer’s showroom and cannot be used in customer projects.

In order to be eligible to participate in a Showroom Project, dealers must complete $250 in purchases on DriverCentral each calendar year in which the dealer wishes to participate in a Showroom Project. DriverCentral reserves the right to revoke or change the terms of the Showroom Project at any time. Developers have the option to have their drivers omitted from the Showroom Project option, and any drivers not available to Showroom Project participants will be charged at the standard rate. Showroom Projects are currently available for Control4 drivers only.

**The Showroom Project requires a minimum annual purchase of $250. If the minimum purchase per year is not maintained, the showroom project will be automatically removed from the dealer’s account and will be restored once the purchase minimum of $250 per year has been met.