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Version: 20230111
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Shelly is an IoT manufacturer who creates a range of affordable retrofit Wifi based devices that include relays, contact inputs, buttons, smart plugs, rgb controllers, smart bulbs, motion sensors, flood sensors, smoke detectors, gas sensors, energy management and more. This Driver Package supports both Generation 1 (Shelly), and Generation 2 (Shelly NG) devices

Chowmain has integrated the range of Shelly wifi products into Control4 with two way control and feedback.  The hardware is extremely affordable with relays starting at 9.08€ (14.95 USD / $25.99 AUD).  It definately adds value to any Control4 installation.

Driver Features

  • Supports Huge Range of Shelly module functionality
  • Native Color Wheel with graphical White Temperature Selection (V2 Light Driver / OS3.3.0+ Required)
  • Native Color Advanced Light Scenes Support (V2 Light Driver / OS3.3.0+ Required)
  • Optional Integration with Shelly Cloud via the Shelly Cloud Agent for improved compatibility with sleepy devices, Self-Healing Capability and Auto-Detection of devices (Modules can still be set up manually).
  • Bulk Auto-Setup of devices (requires devices to be associated with cloud)
  • Huge range of Events, Variables and Button Links to control devices
  • Blind and Lighting Support, with Advanced Lighting Capabilities
  • Control Relays via Lights
  • Easy Push Notifications and Email Notifications for Common Events (Requires 4Sight)
  • Easy Announcements
  • Smart Calibration of White Temperatures on Lighting and Thermostats for Maximum compatibility
  • Fast response rate, with optimised support for Generation 2 / Shelly NG devices.
  • Advanced One-Way Auto-Renaming capabilities from cloud or Shelly module

Shelly Features Supported

  • Inputs / Switches via CONTACT SENSORS, Button Links and wide variety of events
  • Relays via RELAY Bindings and events
  • Temperature and Humidity Integration
  • Thermostat support (includes TRV)
  • Lighting Control (includes Advanced Lighting Scenes)
  • Blind Control. UP/DOWN/STOP
  • Energy Monitoring
  • Open/Close Reed States
  • AC/DC Voltage Monitoring
  • GAS Monitoring
  • Flood Sensor Support
  • Light Level Monitoring
  • Battery Monitoring
  • And More


Can you give us some examples of how we could use this driver?

  • All Shelly products are wifi based so installation is easy.
  • Shelly products provide 1 or more relay outputs or contact closure inputs.
  • The Shelly1 product is perfect for lighting if you have to utilise the existing switches.  Utilise the input for a momentary or a toggle state button to control the relay output.  Connect the input to the existing switch and the output to the lighting circuit.  Simple
  • Shelly provides a range of smart plugs and smart plugs designed for EU and US based plugs and 110-240v bulbs with E27 and GU10 fittings.
  • Webview interfaces provide an extended user interface on T3/T4 touchscreens for color temperature, color wheel support, etc.
  • A Shelly 2.5 can control blind motors for up, down and stop control.
  • Control your garage door using a Shelly1 with Wifi based control and feedback (note requires a reed switch for feedback).
  • Monitor your home for gas and flood with Shelly Gas and Shelly Flood products.  Have it notify you via Chowmain's easy push notification and email notifications (requires 4sight).
  • Easy announcement integration means the battery based Shelly Button can be used as a doorbell or can be used to playback 'come to dinner' and other announcements.
  • The battery operated Shelly Humidity and Temperature product provides humidity and temperature bindings.  Use it with the temperature display driver for feedback.  Works upto 50m outdoors and 30m indoors.
  • The battery operated Shelly Door & Window Sensor to provide feedback when doors and windows open.
  • The battery operated Shelly Motion provides easy to install occupancy sensing with 1-3 years of battery life
  • Push and email notifications on low battery levels for all battery devices.
  • Shelly TRVs allow you to provide smart control over almost all radiator types thanks to the thermostatic head adapters that come with the hardware.  Once set up, it connects directly to your Wi-Fi network and can be easily added to Control4.

What hardware will this work on?

The following Shelly Devices are supported.  Other models may work but are untested.

PLEASE NOTE: Untested modules may also operate.

Shelly Module (Generation 1)

Shelly Module NG (Generation 2)

Where can i purchase Shelly Hardware from?

Shelly is distributed worldwide through a number of resellers.

You can purchase Shelly hardware directly from Shelly.  If you are in the US we recommend Ameridroid.  if you are in Australia we recommend that you support our partners at Alloys or OzSmartThings

Is this cloud or local controlled?

The integration is local IP controlled.  The cloud agent is designed to discover and manage all devices easier which include sleepy devices which only come online periodically (ie they cannot be discovered when they are asleep). These sleepy devices require us to tell them what director's IP address is so that they can wake up and send feedback to Control4.  The cloud agent is optional and not a requirement for the drivers to operate.

Do you offer showroom discounts?

We offer dealers a free showroom licence for demonstration and educational purposes.  See link below for T&C's and signup procedure.

Chowmain Dealer Showroom FAQ

I want to try this driver out before buying it?
All Chowmain drivers for Control4 come with a 90 day trial.  Just add the driverCentral licencing driver and this driver and you're good to go.  No registration required.

Version 20230111 - 11-JAN-2023

This release adds support for Self-Healing and discovery using local LAN. This can be combined with the cloud discovery to provide a hybrid solution with all of the advantages of both (good support for sleepy devices, ability to auto-setup devices without using the cloud, and self-healing without the cloud). LAN discovery is always prioritised for self-healing of IP addresses, whereas, cloud is always prioritised. It also fixes a crash with Shelly NG modules in OS 3.2 or earlier.

If you're using LAN discovery, you may want to consider turning off "auto rename" on the drivers. Local LAN discovery may not detect the correct device names. Multicast must also operate correctly on your network for this feature to work correctly (any decent equipment handles multicast without any additional config)

Other Improvements include:

  • Self Healing Improvements for ethernet connected Gen 2 devices (Agent) - Thanks Jamie Waite
  • Miscellaneous improvements (All)
  • Module NG incorrectly listens to thousands of ports in some cases when using Gen 2 modules due to incorrect handling of server status.. Fixed. This bug is believed to have been introduced in 20221017, and mainly affects OS 3.2 or lower, and new systems (Module NG) - Thanks everyone who mentioned this, including Wayne Tabram, Matt Sand and Jason Shinkfield
  • Add command to ramp blind by a specific amount (Blind) - Thanks Lukas Sacher
  • Add Purge Known Devices to remove all known devices. This is useful if some devices have been removed from the installation and are interfering with AutoSetup (Agent) - Thanks to many people (too numerous to mention)
  • Remove checks for whether Shelly drivers are properly installed on controller during Auto-Setup and Traffic Lights. Our One-Click AutoSetup implementation means the drivers are automatically installed as required. These checks now provide invalid information (Agent, Module, ModuleNG) - Thanks Lello De Domenico
  • Resolve potential lighting Rate issue (Light V2) - Thanks SnapAV
  • Add option to auto-turn on light when setting preset (Light V2) - Thanks Kevin Dew

Version 20221017

  • This is a major release that fixes a few capabilities and adds a few more 2nd Gen devices
  • New Devices supported:
    • H&T Plus (Module NG)
    • Pro 1/2/3 (Module NG)
    • Shelly i4DC (Module NG)
    • Shelly WallDimmer (Module NG) - Requires OS3.3.0 or later (Shelly Light V2 driver is required. Older Light V1 drivers are not supported for walldimmer)
  • Fix detection of some 2nd Generation devices (Cloud) - Thanks David Hancock
  • Improve detection of Sleepy devices and detect second generation sleepy devices correctly (Cloud) - Thanks David Hancock
  • Add Device power and External Power Properties. Used by H&T Plus (Module NG)
  • Fix Shelly Motion 2 events. Replicated on my home system. Fixed (Module) - Somebody previously reported this issue (but can'tremember who). Thanks :)
  • Improve Variable management system to reduce risk of ID's changing in future if firmware status changes. Please note, whilst this new system ensures the ID of variables won't change, it does not guarantee that variable ID's will be consistent between modules (Module, ModuleNG) - Thanks Chip Burke
  • Improve STOP command performance for Uncalibrated Blind (Module) - Thanks Jakub Orlankowicz (Orlankowicz Intelligent Solutions)
  • Shelly NG Device Temperatures should use Shelly Thermostat instead of temperature Display Driver, which has limits (Module NG)
  • Improve Sleeping Detection (Module NG)
  • Try to Automatically reboot module if required. This is required by Sleepy devices to correctly configure the unit (Module NG)
  • Other bug fixes and improvements
  • Reduce C4Z File size (All)

Version 20220908

  • Fix Relay Lights on V1 Module (Module) - Thanks Jessica @ Tekmodo

Version 20220905

  • Fix for bindings and properties in some circumstances which might not operate correctly (Module)
  • Fix Issue with Brightness setting in some circumstances (Light V2)
  • Other miscellaneous updates (All)

Version 20220829

This is yet another major release, which introduces some of the major new changes:

  1. Introducing our new One-Click AutoSetup implementation. Driver should be now be faster and easier to setup. This solves 90% of the installation support issues.
  2. Huge new Performance improvements. On a test controller, CPU load dropped from regularly high latency and 25%+ CPU load, to negligible latency and CPU. Controller reboot is required for the full speed/latency improvements to take effect.
  3. Improvements to RGBW2 white channel handling. Turning on a color channel after power outage no longer turns on the white too, and vice versa. We rewrote the command system to enhance support.
  4. Improved Shelly i4 support
  5. Lights now use acknowledgement for instant feedback. RGBW2 in particular can now operate reliably on high poll rates of 30+ seconds
  6. Shelly Thermostat can now we used instead of the Temperature Display for high-temperature operations which the TemperatureDisplay driver doesn't support
  7. Major Backend Troubleshooting and Diagnostics improvements
  8. Polling is seperate from the rate of commands sent to the device. This allows for more more fine grained configuration
  9. New Generation Documentation

Configuration Changes
There are also 2 major configuration changes which may affect your setup:

  1. On old installations with a poll rate of less than 500ms, they will be set to 500ms minimum. This is to prevent the driver from overloading the network with commands. Higher poll rates are recommended
  2. The old default for Button Ramp rates used to be limited to 12s.. However, we now correctly use the hold rates in the driver itself. The default is 5s though. If lights are ramping too quickly, increase the time to 12s or more.

Reliable Long Polling Support:

  • This release adds reliable Long Polling of Lights. This allows:
  • Having extended poll times of 30s-120s instead of 250ms-750ms on large systems, which greatly reduces system and network load without sacrificing UI feedback. On a test system with 12 RGBW2 devices and 250ms poll rate, this lowered the CPU from 20-30% to less than 5% and significantly lower latency of all system devices
  • Faster Feedback to users (no need to wait for the next poll)
  • With long polling, external commands sent to the device using the Shelly web interface or another control system may not be reflected in some circumstances until the next poll.
  • Please note, some devices which send feedback may in some circumstances offer limited long polling support.
  • Gen 2 / ModuleNG devices do not need polling (feedback is always instant). This change does not affect them.

Full changes:

  • Fix Duplicate Traffic Light (Thermostat)
  • Troubleshooting improvements (All)
  • Long Ramping of Brightness/Color is supported once again (Light V2)
  • Fix crash during OFF command with no ramp rate (Light V2)
  • Improved white channel handling of RGBW2 (Light V2)
  • Poll Rate is now seperate from the Connection Delay Rate. (Module)
  • Fix Effects Regression in Light V2 (Module)
  • Maximum Connection Delay rate is now reduced to 5000ms only (Module)
  • Add Bulk Update Module Poll Rate to allow fast setting of poll rates (Module, Cloud Agent)
  • Stagger polling requests between modules to avoid network / CPU load spikes. This mainly affects large installations
  • Fix Light Off Crash in some circumstances (Light V2)
  • Add Increase/Decrease Brightness Commands to Light V2 (Light V2) - Thanks Sam Drake @ NextGen
  • Toggle Brightness Button Link incorrectly reverts to 100%, not last brightness (Light V2) - Thanks Sam Drake @ NextGen
  • Further minor Optimisations for Lighting when feedback changes to avoid some processing (Module)
  • We can safely reduce some protection built into our code to potentially reduce overheads during polling. This optimisation has the biggest benefit on less-complex modules. This only affects Gen 1 modules (Module)
  • Other Misc Optimisations (All)
  • Chowmain's new Documentation system (All)
  • Introducing our new One-Click AutoSetup implementation. Driver should be now be faster and easier to setup. This solves 90% of the installation support issues (Module,ModuleNG,Cloud)
  • New Low-Level Performance Improvements. Requires controller reboot after upgrade for changes to take effect. On large / overloaded systems, this should improve performance.
  • Major Lighting Update. RGBW2 White Channel is now correctly separated from the Color Channels and off. This required an overhaul of our command queue system. (LightV2)
  • [Breaking]: The old default for Button Ramp rates used to be limited to 12s.. However, we now correctly use the hold rates. However, the default is 5s (so, some people might find that lights are ramping faster).. If so, revert the ramp rates to 12s
  • Default Minimum Ramp rate is now 5s (Light V2)
  • Update Diagnostics and Debugging (All)
  • Shelly i4 Button events / bindings not working correctly (Module NG)
  • Improve input/button detection for inputs in button mode (don't use state, but id)
  • Update Diagnostics and Debugging (All)
  • Add Error Reporting capabilities (All)


  • Sam Drake @ NextGen
  • David Hancock
  • Nick Bovill (Control4 EMEA)
  • Eldon (SnapAV)
  • Justin Kaplan
  • Alexis Sturm
  • Everyone else who helped contribute to this release

Version 20220609 - 2022-JUN-09 [STABLE]

  • Improve Diagnostic feedback for OS 3.2.4 and lower (Lights V1)

Version 20220608 - 2022-JUN-08 [STABLE]

  • Fix Voice Scene / Alexa support (Light) - Thanks Trey Nolan / Eldon

Version 20220602 [STABLE]

This is a major release which introduces a few major new features, huge performance improvements and various fixes, including:

  • Brand New V2 Lighting Driver (chowmain_shelly_light_v2):

    • This new driver REQUIRES OS 3.3.0 or later

    • ColorWheel and White Temperature lighting Support.

    • Extras Support for Effects on compatible lights (mainly RGBW2)

    • Support for Color / CCT Presets

    • Replaces Light Relay, Dimmer, Dimmer with Temp, RGB and RGBW drivers. Greater flexibility, and less drivers required

    • To upgrade, you must be running OS 3.3 or later. Remove existing lighting drivers, and use auto-setup in the modules.

  • Support for new Shelly NG Blinds ("Covers").

    • Uses the existing Blind driver in combination with the Module NG driver

    • Supports Position control and toggle control

    • Current Hardware which supports this driver is Shelly Plus 2PM

  • Add ShellyNG (Gen 2) Authentication Support (ModuleNG) - Thanks Martyn Jepson

  • Add Blind Calibration Action to enable calibration with the web interface. (Blind,Module,ModuleNG)

    • Load must be connected to blind to allow calibration

    • It it not recommended to recalibrate blinds remotely, in the event objects are in the way, they may cause damage or if calibration fails and manual intervention is required

  • Fix Thermostat and LightV2 Locale issues which mainly present in locales like Germany (Thermostat) - Thanks Hermann Schwieren

  • Fix Regression with Pre-OS3.3.0 releases and Display Diagnostics (Module, NG Module, cloud) - Thanks Hermann Schwieren

  • Manage risk of bad Status data. Crashes should no longer break all feedback for additional data hasn't been processed yet (Module,ModuleNG)

  • Add Calibration Status Feedback to Blind (Blind, Module, ModuleNG)

  • Add ShellyNG (Gen 2) Authentication Support (ModuleNG) - Thanks Martyn Jepson

  • Track whether TRV Valve is open or closed using HVAC States. (Module) - Thanks David Hancock

    • For those who are using Valve Opened / Closed Actions directly within the module, URL Module actions are not overriden by our driver, so can still be used

Performance Improvements

  • Eliminate CPU Spikes when using Cloud and a large system during sync operations. Previously, depending on the size of the system, large CPU spikes were observed every few minutes which have been eliminated now. (All) - Thanks David Hancock

    • On our test setup, 30% CPU spikes every 5mins were entirely eliminated, and CPU max was within 1-6% controller wide at all time. (All)

  • Reduce operations performed on project modifications and driver upgrades (All)

    • As a side effect, this reduces load during driver upgrades

  • Further reduce communications required between modules and cloud. (All)

  • Optimise selected properties to reduce communications with Composer and improve remote Composer Connections. (ModuleNG,Module)

  • Introduce Action to Bulk Update Module Connection Delay Rate from cloud (Module,Cloud)

    • This only affects 1st Gen modules. 2nd gen modules do not require polling and are always instantaneous

    • This action is particularly useful on large systems, with overloaded controllers which may require a large number of module properties to be modified.

    • Slowing down the polling reduces the response rate but can reduce Controller CPU usage.

    • Please note, the experience of some devices may be degraded with high poll rates

  • Only Fetch Announcements on Refresh Navigators, instead of all system events (Module, ModuleNG)

  • New Default Poll rate is now 750ms instead of 500ms. This only affects 1st Gen Shelly Drivers, and the value may be increased in the future (based on further testing). Existing drivers will NOT have their poll rates changed automatically (Module) - Thanks RyanE

  • Extend maximum poll rate to 10 seconds. Please note, 10sec poll rate is NOT recommended for most shelly devices (Module) - Thanks RyanE

20220510 [STABLE]

This is a major update. An summary of major improvements are below.

Please note, this release does not include the major updates which target the new Control4 OS (Dealers with beta access should contact us directly).

New Features:

  • Support for Lighting Load Groups to allow grouping of lights. Lights can now be used in combination with Control4's Dimmer Load Group Driver to control groups of multiple lights, including drivers from other brands (All Lights)

  • Add Minimum Brightness Property (All Dimmable Lights) -- Thanks Mesh Patel / Concept Electrical Solutions NZ

  • Ability to self-diagnose many issues and display diagnostics (All Drivers)

  • Update Debugging (All Drivers)

  • Extensive preparation work for future Shelly Lighting products (All lighting drivers)

Bug Fixes / Improvements:

  • Handle Invalid Authentication better (ShellyNG)

  • Remove Display Debugging Info. Depreciated by better diagnostics (Module, ModuleNG)

  • Sort Select From Device List (All Drivers except Agent) - Thanks Mitch Greenfield

  • Fix Crash when Authentication is incorrect (ShellyNG) - Thanks H. Schwieren

  • Do not override all actions. Only update module actions which are required for driver operation. Allows unhandled events to be set by installers. As a side effect, this improves performance of the driver and reduces some traffic (Module). This is required for some TRV operations -- Thanks Keith Harrison

  • TRV requires special actions URL to apply actions (Module) -- Thanks Keith Harrison

  • External Temperatures on Shelly cause Lua error.. Fixed (Module) -- Thanks David Hancock And Raphael Eggenberger

  • Fix External Temperatures Properties Display (Module) -- Thanks David Hancock

  • Fix Auto-Setup of some parameters/devices which use strings for index instead of numbers, primarily External Temperatures for some modules (Module) -- Thanks David Hancock

  • Fix Button Links (Module)

  • Fix Toggle for Button Links and Commands (All Lights)

  • Disable Effects when switching Levels (All Lights,Module)

  • Fix Incorrect renaming of Thermostat driver if auto-rename is disabled to unbound (Thermostat)

  • Fix Incorrect naming of Temperature Display Drivers if Auto-rename disabled (Module)

  • Fix issues affecting future Control4 OS Versions (All)

  • Fix Missing stopped state On Blinds driver (Blinds)

  • Modify Shelly Cloud Web link to updated portal address (Cloud)

  • Fix Button click not cancelling timers in some cases - Thanks Jessica @ Tekmodo (Lights)

  • Fix Color Mode regression in RGBW2 (Module)

  • Fix LUA error when states aren't available yet in - Thanks Jessica @ Tekmodo (Lights)

  • Bug with RGBW Light Off Command - Thanks Jessica@Tekmodo, Paul@EAV & Thomas@Tailor-Made AV (Lights)

  • Fix Description for Control Type (Blind)

  • In some conditions on first connect, ModuleNG used to not correctly connect (ModuleNG)

Known Issues:

  • Authentication must be Disabled On Shelly NG (Gen 2) Modules currently. Shelly (Gen 1) Modules however support authentication correctly.

20220224 [STABLE]


  • A Project Backup is recommended before installing. Downgrading from this version may not operate correctly with existing Lighting Scenes.
  • Auto-Rename is turned off by default on existing driver installations due to changes in the auto-renaming mechanism which may impact driver naming differently to previous versions (channel names are now utilised).
  • Ensure all updates from the package are installed and updated.

This is a MAJOR new Release which adds some huge new improvements including:

  1. New Thermostat Driver (TRV Radiator Valve support).
    • This Driver adds support for Shelly's new TRV Radiator Valves
    • Support for Position/Level Control, and Automatic Temperature holds (please note, Shelly's native Web interface may require a refresh to show the switch between levels and temperature control. In Control4 however, our driver will display this switch accurately and automatically)
    • Calibration support (if required)
    • Schedule / Preset Support.
  2. Fine grained control over Auto-Renaming.
    • Channel names are now utilised where possible
    • Customise whether (selected) 3rd party drivers are also renamed (Temperature Displays primarily)
    • Customise driver name source: Module Only, Cloud, or both.
    • Greater level of naming control in connected shelly submodules
    • Auto-naming works more predictably. However, all name changes should now be reflected instantly (Shelly NG, module only), or within 1 minute (others)
  3. Scene Ramping support
    • Control Dimming via connection for multiple lights via Advanced Lighting simultaneously
  4. Performance should be improved when using Cloud driver (mainly affects large systems)
    • Communications have been improved between modules to prevent more redundant communications
  5. Ability to set Poll Rate on Module driver
    • By default, Module normally polls every 250ms. The default is now 500ms to enhance compatibility with smaller overloaded systems. CA-10's or systems with more grunt (or small systems with less modules) can ramp this up to higher speeds for greater responsiveness
    • Please note, this does NOT affect Shelly NG Drivers (Shelly NG utilises communication mechanism which is instantaneous)
  6. Preparation of the Lighting drivers for potential future hardware
  7. Updated Documentation
  8. Improved Blind/Curtain Performance

A full list of enhancements can be seen in the Beta's changelogs below.

20220216 RC3 [BETA]

  • Some C4 clients showed incorrect preset name. Thanks H. Schwieren (Thermostat)

20220215 [BETA]

  • Thermostat should use 1.0 steps, not 0.5 steps. Thanks H. Schwieren (Thermostat)
  • Switch resolution of temperature to 0.1. Thanks H. Schwieren (Thermostat)
  • Improve Preset Name behavior. Thanks H. Schwieren (Thermostat)
  • Improve HVAC Preset Behavior.. Please note, Manual setting and off always take priority over SetPoints in Preset.

20220214 [BETA]

This release greatly expands upon our new Thermostat driver to add new capabilities:

  1. Schedule support has been added. Please note, Scheduling in Control4 is independent of TRV Schedules and allows a greater level of flexibility
  2. Preset Support. Set one click presets
  3. New support for manual / positioning control built in
  4. Improved support for Minimum Valve Position Limit's

20220210 [BETA]

This release mainly adds initial support for Shelly's new TRV Device via our new chowmain_shelly_thermostat driver. To use TRV's:

  1. Install / Update all drivers
  2. Setup the TRV using the Shelly App. Ensure the latest firmware is installed.
  3. Run Auto-Setup in our Cloud driver, or auto-setup in the module.
  4. Please ensure you run calibration either from the thermostat driver, or from the module webpage.
  5. From the module webpage, enable Automatic temperature control. Accelerated heating is optional.

Other changes include:

  • Other misc fixes
  • Add New Thermostat Driver for Shelly TRV (Thermostat,Module)
  • Increased usage of Control4 API (All)

20220201 [BETA]


Huge new release with the following major features:

  1. Fine grained control over Auto-Renaming
  2. Scene Ramping support
  3. Performance should be improved when using Cloud driver (mainly affects large systems)
  4. Ability to set Poll Rate on Module driver
  5. Preparation works for future hardware

Other Details are below:

  • Improve Auto-Rename. Significant improvements have been made. You can now select how Auto-rename operates to a greater extent (disabled, cloud, local or any). (ModuleNG, Module)
  • Auto Rename responds more reliably and utilises channels for naming. (All)
  • Fix RGBW2 Channel detection (Cloud)
  • Any older version of driver will have auto-rename disabled by default. New drivers installed have Auto-rename enabled by enabled (All).
  • Hide Auto-Setup Property once complete (ModuleNG)
  • Auto-Naming uses Model Name instead of Module name incorrectly (ModuleNG)
  • Fix Mistake in Display Driver Directory (Cloud)
  • Fix Error during Sanity Checks in some OS3 versions (Module, ModuleNG, Cloud)
  • Maintain provisioning data in between driver reboots (Cloud)
  • Add Connection Rate Delay Support to balance Controller CPU (Module)
  • Scene Ramping Support (Dimmer, RGB, RGBW, White Tunable)
  • Cleanup redundant Cloud To Module Communications (Cloud, Module, ModuleNG)

20211222 - Blind Only [BETA]

  • Improve Blind Behavior to closer match official behavior to prevent blind moving too much on GUI - Thanks Tony Duvano (Blind)
  • Debugging improvements (All)

20211202 [BETA]

  • WebView Init early (David Hancock)

20211129 [BETA]

Please note, Because the Auto-Rename behavior has changed, Auto-Rename is turned off automatically when doing this upgrade. You will need to manually turn it back on the modules

  • Improve Debugging (All)
  • Autosetup Precheck warning if drivers are missing (module, moduleNG, cloud)
  • Speed up Cloud. 15X faster response. (Cloud)
  • Auto-Add Shelly Relay Light for Relays (already done on ModuleNG). This is mainly because most users didn't even realise the driver existed (Module)
  • Improved Auto-Renaming (All)
    • Channel names are now correctly pulled from Cloud for Shelly NG and Shelly if available (Cloud))
    • Prioritise Cloud Names Over Device Names. Use the Default as last resort (All)


  • Auto-Setup works, however, there is currently a C-Stack overflow in the Cloud Driver

20211108 [STABLE]

  • This new stable release primarily adds adds:
    • Optional support for smooth dimmable ramping on button links
    • Level/discrete support on Blinds.
    • Bug fixes and and other improvements have also been included
    • Refer to the Beta changes for full information. Specific changes for 20211108 are:
      • Update Documentation (All)
      • Minor Backend Improvements (All)

20211105 [BETA]

  • Webviews keep incorrectly resetting to default in some cases (Thanks David Hancock) - (Module)
  • Improved Debugging (All)

20211025 [BETA]

  • FEATURE: Add Support For Blind Levels. To enable, set new Control Type property to Levels. Default is toggle (blinds, modules).
  • Stability fixes for feedback disconnections (Module).

20211019 [BETA]

  • Add Support For Button Link Smooth Ramping. Please note, Button Link behavior must be set to Dimmable (All Dimmable Light drivers)
  • Switch default Button Ramp rate from 5% to 8% for smoother ramping (All Dimmable Light drivers)
  • Add Short term and Long term Ramping support. All Dimmable modules supported, with the exception of the Shelly SHBLB-1 Bulb which does NOT support smooth ramping. Please note, attempting to ramp color and white channel on some devices simultaneously may cause problems.. (All Dimmable Light drivers)
  • As there have been no reports of problems since introduction on 20210916, Dimmable Button Links now defaults to "Dimmable". Original behavior can be restored by switching to On/Off (All Dimmable Light drivers)

20211010 [STABLE]

  • Fix ShellyNG Connection (Thanks Firas Ayyash) - (module_shellyNG)

20211009 [STABLE]

  • Further RGBW2 Tweak (RGBW)
  • Add support for Lighting Effects. Please note, not all modules support lighting effects (RGBW and RGB)

20211005 [STABLE]

  • Improve RGBW2 module support
    • RGBW2 modules in White mode correctly provision as 4x Dimmer Channels. Modules provisioned on 20210511 or earlier are not affected (module).
      • If using RGBW2 and only 1 color driver has been added during an auto-setup, the recommended solution is to delete the module and connected light driver, re-add and auto-setup.
    • On / Off and ramping may incorrectly trigger module color mode configuration. Fixed. (All light drivers, module)

20211004 [STABLE]

  • Fix LUA Error

20211001 [STABLE]

  • Improve Logging (All Modules)
  • Submit Diagnostics (All Modules)

20210915 [STABLE]

Please note, this is a major upgrade. Existing users should reboot their primary Control4 controller after update. Please ensure all drivers within the package are updated. The main changes are:

  • Native Shelly NG Module support (with optional Relay Light driver compatibility). Shelly NG Devices include: Shelly Pro 4PM, Shelly 1PM Plus, Shelly 1 Plus
  • Responsiveness has been greatly improved for existing Shelly modules.
    • Whereas commands previously took 0ms - 1000ms to execute previously in most cases (with the average being 250ms-750ms+), commands on average will now begin execution within less than 100ms (the difference should be immediately noticeable). Feedback should also feel MUCH faster
  • Greatly improved button link support, with basic ramping support.
  • Greatly improved Debugging system
  • Huge list of bug fixes

We would like to thank everyone who assisted with bug testing, and suggestions. Full changelog is below:

20210911 [BETA]

  • Cleanup redundant code (Cloud)
  • Add Button Link Names (Shelly NG)
  • Add Debugging Info link (Module, Module NG)
  • Correct Naming of lights in RGB driver (RGB Lights)
  • Additional error checking (Lights)
  • Auto-Setup didn't select correct lighting driver in cases where module was set to color mode (Module)
  • Auto Rename property to control Auto Renaming of driver (All Subdrivers)

20210902 [BETA]

  • Add Contact Sensor for Gas and Smoke Sensor
  • Other Misc Fixes

20210901 [BETA]

  • CONTACT_SENSOR Bindings on Motion Sensors and some sensors were only created properly on much earlier driver.. Fixed.. You may need to Click Auto-Setup on affected devices again
  • Sleepy Device's handled properly in Cloud Driver again

20210831 [BETA]

  • Rewrite Provisioning System.
  • Select Device From List updates correctly

20210830 [BETA]

  • Announcement system operates in module_NG properly
  • Name Bindings more specifically
  • Drivers are now auto-added correctly in Module_ng on creation.. Naming is also improved
  • Cloud driver will no longer crash when a pro is in your cloud server config
  • Device Directory will now correctly show which devices are gen 1 and which devices are gen 2.
  • Cloud Driver will automatically update/fix IP addresses on Gen 2 devices now

Version 20210829 [BETA]

  • Shelly Pro Support - chowmain_Shelly_ng_module

Version 20210828 [BETA]

  • Fix Module Connected Event
  • Fix 70px Broken Icon in Module
  • Rework Relay Light Code
  • Shelly Window/Reed 2 keeps firing events on reed open/close

Version 20210820 [BETA]

  • Add Dimming Rate for Dimmable BUTTON_LINKS
  • Limit new Action_URL Changes for Motion to ONLY motion.
  • Allow Dimming Direction to Reverse
  • Fix Regression introduced in 20210802. Fix Action_URL's
  • Shelly Motion linkage to cloud works properly.
  • Fix Light Calibration

Version 20210819 [BETA]

  • Add BUTTON_LINK Dimmer support
  • Colors shouldn't show up for Brightness-Only/white-tunable lights.

Version 20210811 [BETA]

  • Auto-Setup from Cloud might not correctly propagate settings to Modules (Regression). However, select Device from list does operate correctly
  • State may not correctly show as sleepy on sleepy devices (REGRESSION)
  • ACTION URL's for sleepy devices should also be sent via cloud, for extra redundancy

Version 20210802 [BETA]

  • Overhaul Connection system. Almost all commands will now run instantaneously.
  • Upgrade Debug Code. Simplify Properties.

Version 20210709 [BETA]

  • Workaround Temperature Aggregator Driver crash.

Version 20210609 [BETA]

  • Improve Diagnostics Backend
  • Fix potential connectivity bug

Version 20210511

     Fix Potential Fault in Lua Reporting code for Temperatures

     Fix Potential Fault with humidity

     Improve diagnostics backend