Shelly Suite

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Chowmain LTD
Version: 20211010
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Shelly is an IoT manufacturer who creates a range of affordable retrofit Wifi based devices that include relays, contact inputs, buttons, smart plugs, rgb controllers, smart bulbs, motion sensors, flood sensors, smoke detectors, gas sensors, energy management and more. This Driver Package supports both Generation 1 (Shelly), and Generation 2 (Shelly NG) devices

Chowmain has integrated the range of Shelly wifi products into Control4 with two way control and feedback.  The hardware is extremely affordable with relays starting at 9.08€ (14.95 USD / $25.99 AUD).  It definately adds value to any Control4 installation.

Driver Features

  • Supports Huge Range of Shelly module functionality
  • Color Wheel support via module web interface (T4 or later Touchscreens are strongly recommended)
  • Optional Integration with Shelly Cloud via the Shelly Cloud Agent for improved compatibility with
  • sleepy devices, Self-Healing Capability and Auto-Detection of devices (Modules can still be set up manually).
  • Bulk Auto-Setup of devices (requires devices to be associated with cloud)
  • Huge range of Events, Variables and Button Links to control devices
  • Blind and Lighting Support, with Advanced Lighting Capabilities
  • Control Relays via Lights
  • Easy Push Notifications and Email Notifications for Common Events (Requires 4Sight)
  • Easy Announcements
  • Smart Calibration of White Temperatures on Lighting for Maximum compatibility
  • Fast response rate, with optimised support for Generation 2 / Shelly NG devices.

Shelly Feature Supported

  • Inputs / Switches via CONTACT SENSORS, Button Links and wide variety of events
  • Relays via RELAY Bindings and events
  • Temperature and Humidity Integration
  • Lighting Control (includes Advanced Lighting Scenes)
  • Blind Control. UP/DOWN/STOP
  • Energy Monitoring
  • Open/Close Reed States
  • AC/DC Voltage Monitoring
  • GAS Monitoring
  • Flood Sensor Support
  • Light Level Monitoring
  • Battery Monitoring
  • And More


Can you give us some examples of how we could use this driver?

  • All Shelly products are wifi based so installation is easy.
  • Shelly products provide 1 or more relay outputs or contact closure inputs.
  • The Shelly1 product is perfect for lighting if you have to utilise the existing switches.  Utilise the input for a momentary or a toggle state button to control the relay output.  Connect the input to the existing switch and the output to the lighting circuit.  Simple
  • Shelly provides a range of smart plugs and smart plugs designed for EU and US based plugs and 110-240v bulbs with E27 and GU10 fittings.
  • Webview interfaces provide an extended user interface on T3/T4 touchscreens for color temperature, color wheel support, etc.
  • A Shelly 2.5 can control blind motors for up, down and stop control.
  • Control your garage door using a Shelly1 with Wifi based control and feedback (note requires a reed switch for feedback).
  • Monitor your home for gas and flood with Shelly Gas and Shelly Flood products.  Have it notify you via Chowmain's easy push notification and email notifications (requires 4sight).
  • Easy announcement integration means the battery based Shelly Button can be used as a doorbell or can be used to playback 'come to dinner' and other announcements.
  • The battery operated Shelly Humidity and Temperature product provides humidity and temperature bindings.  Use it with the temperature display driver for feedback.  Works upto 50m outdoors and 30m indoors.
  • The battery operated Shelly Door & Window Sensor to provide feedback when doors and windows open.
  • The battery operated Shelly Motion provides easy to install occupancy sensing with 1-3 years of battery life
  • Push and email notifications on low battery levels for all battery devices.

What hardware will this work on?

The following Shelly Devices are supported.  Other models may work but are untested.

NOTE: It may also work with other models however it is untested.

Where can i purchase Shelly Hardware from?

Shelly is distributed worldwide through a number of resellers.

You can purchase Shelly hardware directly from Shelly.  If you are in the US we recommend Ameridroid or Blackwire Designs.  if you are in Australia we recommend that you support our partners at OzSmartThings

Do you offer showroom discounts?
We offer dealers a free showroom licence for demonstration and educational purposes.  See link below for T&C's and signup procedure.

Chowmain Dealer Showroom FAQ

I want to try this driver out before buying it?
All Chowmain drivers for Control4 come with a 90 day trial.  Just add the driverCentral licencing driver and this driver and you're good to go.  No registration required.

20211010 [STABLE]

  • Fix ShellyNG Connection (Thanks Firas Ayyash) - (module_shellyNG)

20211009 [STABLE]

  • Further RGBW2 Tweak (RGBW)
  • Add support for Lighting Effects. Please note, not all modules support lighting effects (RGBW and RGB)

20211005 [STABLE]

  • Improve RGBW2 module support
    • RGBW2 modules in White mode correctly provision as 4x Dimmer Channels. Modules provisioned on 20210511 or earlier are not affected (module).
      • If using RGBW2 and only 1 color driver has been added during an auto-setup, the recommended solution is to delete the module and connected light driver, re-add and auto-setup.
    • On / Off and ramping may incorrectly trigger module color mode configuration. Fixed. (All light drivers, module)

20211004 [STABLE]

  • Fix LUA Error

20211001 [STABLE]

  • Improve Logging (All Modules)
  • Submit Diagnostics (All Modules)

20210915 [STABLE]

Please note, this is a major upgrade. Existing users should reboot their primary Control4 controller after update. Please ensure all drivers within the package are updated. The main changes are:

  • Native Shelly NG Module support (with optional Relay Light driver compatibility). Shelly NG Devices include: Shelly Pro 4PM, Shelly 1PM Plus, Shelly 1 Plus
  • Responsiveness has been greatly improved for existing Shelly modules.
    • Whereas commands previously took 0ms - 1000ms to execute previously in most cases (with the average being 250ms-750ms+), commands on average will now begin execution within less than 100ms (the difference should be immediately noticeable). Feedback should also feel MUCH faster
  • Greatly improved button link support, with basic ramping support.
  • Greatly improved Debugging system
  • Huge list of bug fixes

We would like to thank everyone who assisted with bug testing, and suggestions. Full changelog is below:

20210911 [BETA]

  • Cleanup redundant code (Cloud)
  • Add Button Link Names (Shelly NG)
  • Add Debugging Info link (Module, Module NG)
  • Correct Naming of lights in RGB driver (RGB Lights)
  • Additional error checking (Lights)
  • Auto-Setup didn't select correct lighting driver in cases where module was set to color mode (Module)
  • Auto Rename property to control Auto Renaming of driver (All Subdrivers)

20210902 [BETA]

  • Add Contact Sensor for Gas and Smoke Sensor
  • Other Misc Fixes

20210901 [BETA]

  • CONTACT_SENSOR Bindings on Motion Sensors and some sensors were only created properly on much earlier driver.. Fixed.. You may need to Click Auto-Setup on affected devices again
  • Sleepy Device's handled properly in Cloud Driver again

20210831 [BETA]

  • Rewrite Provisioning System.
  • Select Device From List updates correctly

20210830 [BETA]

  • Announcement system operates in module_NG properly
  • Name Bindings more specifically
  • Drivers are now auto-added correctly in Module_ng on creation.. Naming is also improved
  • Cloud driver will no longer crash when a pro is in your cloud server config
  • Device Directory will now correctly show which devices are gen 1 and which devices are gen 2.
  • Cloud Driver will automatically update/fix IP addresses on Gen 2 devices now

Version 20210829 [BETA]

  • Shelly Pro Support - chowmain_Shelly_ng_module

Version 20210828 [BETA]

  • Fix Module Connected Event
  • Fix 70px Broken Icon in Module
  • Rework Relay Light Code
  • Shelly Window/Reed 2 keeps firing events on reed open/close

Version 20210820 [BETA]

  • Add Dimming Rate for Dimmable BUTTON_LINKS
  • Limit new Action_URL Changes for Motion to ONLY motion.
  • Allow Dimming Direction to Reverse
  • Fix Regression introduced in 20210802. Fix Action_URL's
  • Shelly Motion linkage to cloud works properly.
  • Fix Light Calibration

Version 20210819 [BETA]

  • Add BUTTON_LINK Dimmer support
  • Colors shouldn't show up for Brightness-Only/white-tunable lights.

Version 20210811 [BETA]

  • Auto-Setup from Cloud might not correctly propagate settings to Modules (Regression). However, select Device from list does operate correctly
  • State may not correctly show as sleepy on sleepy devices (REGRESSION)
  • ACTION URL's for sleepy devices should also be sent via cloud, for extra redundancy

Version 20210802 [BETA]

  • Overhaul Connection system. Almost all commands will now run instantaneously.
  • Upgrade Debug Code. Simplify Properties.

Version 20210709 [BETA]

  • Workaround Temperature Aggregator Driver crash.

Version 20210609 [BETA]

  • Improve Diagnostics Backend
  • Fix potential connectivity bug

Version 20210511

     Fix Potential Fault in Lua Reporting code for Temperatures

     Fix Potential Fault with humidity

     Improve diagnostics backend