by Shelby Schwartz


Domosapiens was created in 2006 as the founder/owner, Paul Biron, was building a new house with the clear intent to overdo everything in Home Automation.  The house, located near Montreal, Canada, contains 78,000 feet of wiring.
Domosapiens began developing drivers in 2013 when a Control4 dealer asked about solving a client problem with an HAI security system which often beeped in the middle of the night. This is how their first and most complex Control4 driver was born - the Leviton/HAI Omni-Lumina IP driver. The driver successfully fixed the client's problem. 


As Domosapiens' founder had selected to implement Control4 in his house, several drivers followed - mostly answering in-home needs he had. These drivers are all put to real, everyday use!


As one of DriverCentral's first developers, Domosapiens has continued to develop value-added drivers, providing enhanced functions for Shades/Blinds, Keypads, Lighting, Experience Buttons, Thermostats,  etc. Domosapiens always tries to maximize the functions for clients while reducing the installation effort by the dealer, helping to increase project profitability.


Domosapiens has also developed many manufacturer-sponsored drivers, many of which have been certified by Control4. Some of Domosapiens' clients include Somfy Systems, Atlona, Sinopé, Audio Authority, and Dooya.

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Domosapiens currently has the following drivers available:


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