Battery Agent

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Cinegration LLC
Version: 1063
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Several pieces of equipment in today’s technology run on battery power, and until now there wasn’t a useful way to monitor battery levels. With the Battery Agent driver, customers can easily and conveniently check battery levels on any battery-powered device using an icon on their Control4 interface.

When this driver is installed, it will automatically scan the project for all battery type devices and monitor the specific devices battery notification, saving programming time and increasing the value of the Control4 system. Two email types are available for customers and dealers, and text or email notifications can be sent. Also, low battery notifications will be ‘grouped’ together and sent as a single message at a convenient time either in the morning, afternoon, or evening automatically. No more text messages in the middle of the night! No additional hardware is required to experience easy monitoring of your devices’ battery levels!

To save money and add other cool features to your projects consider purchasing as part of the Agent Bundle.


- Simple Battery Monitoring system for Control4
- Automatic email/text creating and emailing when a battery is low or critical
- Part of the Cinegration Notification Suite
- Supports Cinegration Trial and Showroom license
- Installs in as little as 1 minutev


Compatible Control4 Systems
Functional with 2.9.1+ though certain features are designed specifically for 3.0+

Icon States
Many Cinegration Development LLC drivers come with customizable icons, including the Battery Agent. If you would like your own custom icons loaded into the driver, please email: We can create customized icons that will provide the final style touches to your projects. For this, please send a sample picture or include a description of how you would like the icon to look. We would gladly load it into the driver for you for a fee.


Standard Icon States


Driver License Activation
A single license will unlock as many instances of the driver as needed in your project. Cloud Driver is required to activate all DriverCentral licenses and trials. To find out more about drivercentral features click here. Additionally, here is a quick video that demonstrates the licensing process.

Showroom and Free Trial
All Cinegration Development drivers for Control4 come with a 7-day trial. Simply add the DriverCentral licensing driver along with this driver and you can fully test the driver before purchasing. Including Cinegration Development drivers in your showroom project will give you unlimited use without purchase.

Driver is provided by Cinegration Development LLC.  All rights reserved.

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Installers Guide
Click here to access the full installers guide that includes driver setup instructions as well as driver feature details.


Warranty and Disclaimer
Cinegration strives to provide fully working drivers without defects. However, changes and bugs may be found. Because of this, any bug/maintenance update to this driver will be free of charge. Due to the ever-changing nature of computer and audio/video systems, if a new version of the Control4 software creates issues with this driver, or feature enhancements, an upgrade version will be provided for an additional expense or free as determined by Cinegration.

This driver contains code written by Cinegration LLC. Any modification to this driver without the express written permission or without the express consent by Cinegration will void all warranties, constitute a ban on all drivers released by Cinegration and potentially legal action.
  • 1060
    • Linked with Agent Bundle
    • Major code re-write
    • Addition of Voice, Push, Email Alerts
  • 1022
    • Fixed issue where certain shades were reporting the incorrect variable as battery level
  • 1021
    • Fixed issue where devices that report voltage were shown incorrectly
    • Added Voice Agent support
    • Moved to CinDev Email service to provide better email sending formats
    • Email sending no longer requires 4Sight (including Text messages).  Push Notification still requires 4Sight
    • General code improvements 
  • 1018
    • Fixed issue where kwikset locks were reporting -1% for level 
  •  1017
    •  Fixed issue with some brand new installations not loading properly
  •  1016
    • Added support for PC Navigator Icon
    • Offline is now 0% in reporting
  •  1015
    • Fixed issue with \t\t\t\t being displayed
    • Updated handling of sending out reports (see documentation for more)
  •  1014
    • Fixed issue where the driver name not the name of the driver in the proejct was being displayed when viewing batteries
    • Fixed issue with C&S devices showing in correct levels.  These are now displayed as Voltage
    • Added Push Notification to driver
    • Cleaned up properties for easier installation
    • Removed OpenControl string at end of text message now that Push Notification is installed
    • General driver improvements
  •  1012
    • Changed Icon
    • Added daily SR remote checkin to help improve current level quality on SR250 and SR260 remotes
  •  1011
    • Cleaned up text formatting on Reports
    • Added grahpic for State Report
  •  1010
    • Added experience button, new driver filename added.
    • Added Current Battery State Report
    • Added popups on Control4 GUI
  •  1008
    • Added new battery devices
    • Misc bug fixes
  •  1002
    • Fixed initial load bug where advanced settings were showing at inital load
    • Added more Information text for dealer when printing report
  • 1001
    • Official Launch of Driver