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The Voice Agent allows automatic voice alerts to be played over T3 touchscreens or through speakers in the home using the Announcement agent. The driver automatically creates announcements for easy installation. No API key or 3rd party validation is required. Driver uses Google Voice API and supports over 50 different voices!


  • Use standard voice alerts or create custom alerts on Control4 T3 touchscreens or home speakers
  • No dealer setup is required for basic touchscreen alert notifications
  • Supports Agent notifications.
  • Create custom notifications in programming

This driver is compatible with Control4 2.10.x or higher. A strong network connection is required to effectively utilize this driver.  Control4 Touchscreens (T3) are recommended for alerts or a speaker zone that does not have amp standby or connected to a receiver.  The driver uses the Announcement agent

How this driver works
When the driver is installed an announcement is automatically created and all rooms are added to this announcement.  The driver will then use this announcement as the conduit for the voice alerts.  Dealers simply need to use Composer Actions to make different voice alerts.  Cinegration Agents can also integrate with this driver and can utilize the voice feature once this driver is installed.

Can the driver say anything on a Control4 audio zone? 
The driver can take any text string (up to 2000 characters) and will convert this to a WAV file and play it on the speakers.  The driver uses Google Voice API for WAV creation.  Average tested action trigger to voice alert is around 2-4 seconds

What hardware do I need? 
A Control4 t3 touchscreen or an audio room that is can play digital media from a Control4 controller

Do I need to pay or setup voice apis?
No. All fees for the cloud service are already included in the cost of the driver.  CinDev uses Google Voice API.

How many different voices can the driver make?
Here is the current list of voices: https://cloud.google.com/speech-to-text/docs/languages

Is there a limit to the amount of voice alerts I can do?
Yes.  There is a 5000 character limit per day.  If you need more than this, please email: info@cindev.com to discuss project requirements


What kinds of things can the driver say?
The driver can be programmed to let a user know about a certain door or window being open, a good morning report.  A read out of the wireless SSID information for AirBnB customers.  When connected to other Cinegration Agents, the driver can notify about Weather events, Power loss, Water Detection, Temperature warnings etc... 

Where can I get support if I have an issue?
If you have questions or issues with the driver or integration, please go to https://help.drivercentral.io and submit a ticket.

Do you offer showroom discounts? 
All Cinegration Development drivers support the DriverCentral showroom project.

Can I try this driver out before buying it?
All Cinegration Development drivers for Control4 come with a 7-day trial. Simply add the DriverCentral licensing driver along with this driver and you can fully test the driver before purchasing. 


Driver is provided by Cinegration Development LLC.  All rights reserved.

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