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by Adam Maslach

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DriverCentral has improved product reviews in our marketplace so that you may easily share your opinions with the rest of our community. 


Reviews can be submitted by visiting the desired driver page and clicking on the 'Extended reviews' tab.

Information on the tab will display previously submitted reviews for which you can show approval by clicking like/dislike buttons. Otherwise, you can let us know what's on your mind by clicking on the 'Write a review' button and quickly filling out the review form.

Since this is a new feature there are some products on the site that may be missing the 'Extended reviews' page. If you wish to submit a review for a product but do not see the option to do so visit help.drivercentral.io and let us know you would like to leave a review. We'll reach out to the developers and let them know of your request so that they may turn that option on for you!

We're greatly looking forward to your comments!


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