Introducing a DriverCentral Developer - 4Drivers

by Shelby Schwartz

4Drivers has developed Control4 drivers since 2007, when its founder, Andre Nader, made some drivers still in C ++ to integrate lighting systems and Brazilian biometers with Control4. In 2010, the development company released drivers for several Brazilian integrations for Control4 resellers, and there are now thousands of drivers running in homes and businesses in Brazil. 4Drivers became a developer on DriverCentral late last year, already releasing five drivers on the marketplace.

Check out their page!



4Drivers currently has the following drivers available:

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Integrity Softworks

by Shelby Schwartz


Integrity Softworks is the development division of Integrity Home Theater, a custom electronics integration firm launched in 2002 in Denver, Colorado. Founded by a home theater enthusiast and life-long programmer, it was a natural fit to offer custom software solutions for the CI industry.

This developer is currently authoring custom modules and software solutions for the URC Total Control system. Their developers have been creating solutions with URC products for nearly two decades in real-world environments. That boots-on-the-ground experience gives them a unique perspective when it comes to developing automation software.

Integrity Softworks uses modern programming paradigms, which ensures that their drivers will be reliable, flexible, and easy to use. The company is currently available to program custom solutions for manufacturers and integrators.

Check out their first driver below and keep an eye on their page for more drivers to come!

Hibersense makes sure that you’re comfortable in every room.

Hibersense makes it possible to control the temperature in each of your rooms. Whether it’s the living room that never feels quite right, that one bedroom that never gets warm in the winter, or the guest room that’s unbearably hot in the summer, Hibersense is the solution.

The Hibersense module from Integrity Softworks fully integrates this revolutionary comfort control system into URC’s Total Control home automation system.

The remote and tablet interfaces show the current status of the Hibersense system, including the current scene, HVAC state and building occupation status. From the UI, the homeowner can select any of the scenes defined from the Hibersense mobile app in their account.

The integration has access to a variety of sensor data from Hibersense, including building and room occupation status, room temperature, HVAC system state, and Hibersense scene state. Two-way commands can retrieve the current room temp, occupation status, and active scene, as well as activating a specified scene from within a macro.

Colored Lighting - The Next Phase in Smart Home Automation

by Shelby Schwartz


Thinking about providing colored lighting solutions to your clients? Adding color is a great way to increase the wow factor of any job and provide something unique to your customers. 


When choosing colored lighting, there are key aspects that should be discussed:

  • Will the lighting be the main source of light or accent lighting? 
    • Lighting does not have to be about making the room brighter. Lighting designers use light to elevate a room or a feeling. 
  • Does the customer want light bulbs or light strips, RBG lights, RBGW, or warm-white lights?
    • There are several manufacturers that support a wide array of lighting styles and protocols. It is important to make sure you're using a reputable brand that can support the customer's long-term needs. Cheaper doesn't necessarily mean better - customers want a lighting solution, not an inexpensive, lesser experience.
  • How is the customer going to interact with the lighting?
    • Lights can be triggered automatically, turn on/off based on time, perform certain functions based on activity in the space, etc.
  • How will it be integrated? 
    • This is where DriverCentral comes in. We offer several lighting drivers to integrate various types of hardware into Control4, ELAN, RTI, and URC. 



 While making a room purple or adding green accent lights is absolutely fun, changing the color of light also has health, wellness, and productivity benefits. Enter circadian lighting. 

The goal of circadian lighting is to follow the human circadian rhythm - our internal clock. Lights can be programmed to shift color temperature throughout the day to better match the natural daylight we would normally experience. Studies are analyzing the possible positive impacts that utilizing this method of lighting can have on health and increased productivity. 

Dealers can help improve customers' lifestyles by incorporating Circadian lighting solutions into their projects with the help of drivers. 

Read more on Circadian lighting here. 



Need more information on colored lighting? Here are some resources to help get you started:

ProSource U. ProSource members can use the new and improved ProSource University for resources on lighting design, configuration, and programming. 

Nexlux. This product (available from Amazon) is a great, simple solution for adding colored lighting to a project. Axon Engineering has developed a simple IP driver for control on both Control4 and ELAN systems. Check out this and other solution Axon Engineering has provided HERE.

KNX. KNX is quickly becoming the leading standard in lighting integration. Janus Technology has developed a beautiful color integration for Control4 systems. Check out what Janus has been up to HERE.

IR-controllable lights. Many lighting manufactures use a simple IR-based controlled lighting. There are a few drivers that can control these lights:

WiFi Controlled Bulbs. Tired of the experience with control4 and Phillips Hue? Try out some of these solutions

Advanced Lighting Configuration. Customize your clients experience with these drivers:

DriverCentral Integrates with D-Tools!

by Shelby Schwartz

We are excited to announce that DriverCentral products and pricing are now available within D-Tools software, allowing dealers to include driver details and costs in sales, system design, documentation, and procurement processes!

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Why is this important for dealers?

Drivers are key to the functionality of a system. Because of this, dealers should be considering what drivers are required for a given project at the time of the sale. Including drivers in proposals ensures that the system is fully planned and designed, customers understand what they are paying for, and operations are streamlined for increased profitability. 

How does it work?
Loading your DriverCentral dealer pricing is simple – from the DriverCentral supplier page, click the Request my Pricing button at the top, enter your account information, and click OK. Now your D-Tools Cloud account is connected to your DriverCentral account with your dealer pricing listed!

Exclusive for DriverCentral Dealers: Start working today with an Extended Free Trial of D-Tools Cloud! Click Here to start a Free 45-day Trial of D-Tools Cloud

Welcoming Another Developer!

by Shelby Schwartz

Diwodo is a French company creating and releasing custom Control4 drivers and business applications for any professional needs. With more than 20 years experience in software development, cyber security, and working on residential, hospitality and corporate markets, Diwodo has a solid background in hospitality and the business sector.

For the last 5 years, Diwodo has created custom drivers for many  multimedia, security, hospitality and communication devices. They also create PMS adaptors allowing automation of the Control4 hospitality system.

Diwodo offers freelance services to dealers anywhere to set up, program, and maintain their installations on site or remotely.

Visit their page to check out their drivers! 


Diwodo has released the following drivers for Control4:


A New DriverCentral Developer

by Shelby Schwartz
Adeo Group distributes products for professional audio video installations and home automation systems. Adeo group has been the Italian distributor of the Control4 brand since 2009, but they have been operating on the market for over 30 years. The experience in close contact with the needs of the System Integrators has given rise to Adeo Control: a brand that aims to support Control4's solutions in the most advanced systems.We are present in Italy and abroad with a commercial network of agents and dealers who offer professional and attentive support to all customers.

Visit their page to check out their drivers! 
Adeo Group has released the following drivers for Control4:

DriverCentral Site Updates that Improve Your Experience

by Shelby Schwartz

The Cloud Driver Is Better Than Ever Before!

As part of ongoing security and maintenance updates, the DriverCentral development team has improved security and communication between the Cloud driver and DriverCentral.

Wondering what we did? Continue reading to learn more!

Previously, driver licensing and auto update capabilities (through the Cloud Driver) were one and the same. Dealers had to register a project and purchase driver licenses on DriverCentral in order to have access to the Cloud Driver and enable auto updates for that project. 

That makes sense for most projects and drivers, but free drivers do not require a license. With more and more manufacturers choosing to purchase drivers outright and offer the necessary integration software at no cost to users, DriverCentral recognized the need to support auto updates for free and manufacturer drivers as well.

As a result, updating a driver and driver licensing are now separate on DriverCentral. Simply adding the Cloud Driver to a project gives you the ability to perform auto updates for a project and ensures that your client has the latest version of the driver available. Making this change to the Cloud Driver allows developers to host their free, manufacturer drivers on the site without sacrificing all the amazing features the Cloud Driver provides. 

Best of all, the updated Cloud Driver is designed to support future Control4 APIs.


Faster Server, Faster Service

In addition to the Cloud Driver updates, DriverCentral upgraded to a brand new server! Previously, there was a 10-15 second delay loading the Project Portal if a dealer had a large number projects. Now, dealers can have hundreds, even thousands, of projects and will still have a fast, responsive Project Portal experience. This update GREATLY increased the speed of the server and is designed to support the site for years to come.

DriverCentral Integrates with

by Shelby Schwartz
Amid all the uncertainty and growing concerns surrounding COVID-19, DriverCentral has some good news! We have been busy during this time of quarantine working on additional ways to improve DriverCentral and how our products are used in projects around the world. One of these includes integration with one of the largest software platforms for integrators -
We are excited to announce that DriverCentral products are now listed on Portal's site, allowing dealers who utilize Portal as a bid building and ordering tool to include drivers on proposals.Drivers can be searched by category, associated hardware, and developer. This keeps our products top of mind for dealers when designing a project and also informs the end user of exactly what is included to bring their integration project to life.

The catalog of drivers on will include the driver image published on DriverCentral, the MSRP from our site, and the short description included on each driver. We will send an updated catalog to Portal on a monthly basis. Additionally, we are looking into expanding integration to other popular software like D-Tools and ProjX360.

**Please note - the drivers will be available to include in bids for informational purposes only. Dealers will still purchase drivers directly from DriverCentral as usual. 

Welcoming A New Developer - Simplux

by Shelby Schwartz
Simplux is a Software company based in London (UK) providing bespoke solutions, creative designs, and integration driver developments for Elan control systems. 

Visit their page to check out their drivers! 
The experienced team at Simplux uses their technical expertise to produce reliable and efficient software. Simplux is proficient at the latest technologies used in the software industries. Their talented team of developers is fluent in almost a dozen programming languages including C#, Python, PHP, Ruby, JavaScript, SQL and more.

Simplux has released the following drivers for Elan:

Check Out DriverCentral's New Video!

by Shelby Schwartz

We often get questions about how our site functions and how to get the most out of all the features we offer. The Team here at DriverCentral created a video that explains each of DriverCentral's features, how to use them, and more! This video goes over everything from logging in to using the project portal. 

If you have ever wondered how to properly set up a new project or add drivers to an existing project, this video is for you! We also go over project settings including driver updates and project notifications as well as additional features like free trials and the Showroom Project. Check out the video now!