Jablotron JA-100

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Version: 1100
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This driver enables two-way serial control (RS-485) and integration of the Jablotron JA-100/JA-100+ security system with Control4 using the JA-121T RS-485 bus interface.

Supported features

  • Serial control & feedback (RS-485).
  • Standard Control4 security system user interface on touch screens and mobile apps.
  • Arming (Away, Home), disarming.
  • Zone status feedback on the security system UI and via CONTACT_SENSOR connections.
  • PG output control and feedback via RELAY connections.
  • User codes with and without prefix; 4, 6 and 8 characters long.
  • Standard Control4 security system proxy variables, events, commands and conditionals.


To connect the bus interface to Control4, you will need to use the CA-1 controller, a Global Caché iTach Flex unit with the Flex Link RS485 cable, or a generic RS-485 to RS-232 converter to connect the interface to a serial port on an EA controller. (Please be aware that some serial converters expect the full DE-9 RS-232 connector because they are actually powered by the extra pins, which would render them incompatible as-is with the 3.5mm TRS jack serial ports on EA controllers. You may be able to make an adaptor cable to power them with an external power supply to work around this.)


  • Auto Update disabled in the initial driver release due to an issue. You will need to update manually when a new version becomes available.
  • No support for the History Agent in the initial driver release.
  • The driver currently does not detect when connection with the security panel is lost.
  • No support for reading configuration from the security panel. (JA-121T limitation)
  • No support for zone bypassing. (JA-121T limitation)
  • No support for A, B, C entry/exit delay timers of different lengths. (JA-121T limitation)
  • Zone status feedback can take several seconds. (JA-121T limitation)
  • Does not report zone number in case of tamper violation. (JA-121T limitation)

[1.100] - 2020-05-17

  • Fixed PGM not working after director restart.
  • Added entry and exit delays per section.
  • Increased polling.

[1.99] - 2019-11-18

  • First public release.