Developer Spotlight: Cindev

by Adam Maslach


Cindev produces top-of-the-line drivers for Control4 systems and products. Their drivers give smart home owners the Power of Control, allowing users to maximize the functions of technology and fully control customized smart home automation systems. Cindev's team has the ability to create drivers for manufacturer’s products as well as develop unique drivers that allow home owners to experience additional features and abilities.

Here is a highlight of some of the most popular products including paid, free, as well as a special collection of drivers provided by Cindev.

Agent Bundle:
Notifications, alerts, and automations made simple using the Cindev Agents. The Agent Bundle provides a suite of drivers that unlock the potential of items found in every Control4 project. The software is built with both the customer satisfaction and dealer ease of install in mind. Click on the drivers below to find out how each driver can bring more to your project!
The collection of agents currently consists of 13 drivers which include Email+Garage, Login, Modes, Power, Remote, Temperature, Voice, Camera, Doorbell, Dealer, Water and Battery agents.

Key Drivers:

Cindev is always on the lookout for the next big product that does not currently have a Control4 integration solution. Over the years Cindev has developed over 70 drivers that provide solutions for lighting, energy, security, irrigation, networking, camera, doorbell, shades, receivers and other products. Here are just a few of the drivers engineered by Cindev:

Manufacturer (Free) Drivers:

In addition to many of the paid drivers Cindev has listed on DriverCentral there are many free drivers that were developed alongside manufacturers to provide solutions for their products. Some of Cindev's partners include: For a more complete list of partners visit:


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