DoorBird Doorstation (Manufacture)

Version: 1120


OS 3Official API Cloud Homes

DoorBird manufactures smart doorbells, with top-of-the-line cameras, real-time notifications, and video playback. Installing a DoorBird system in your customers’ home gives homeowners peace of mind knowing that their property is protected. With the DoorBird driver, customers can easily and conveniently see who is at the door, grant or deny access to their home by triggering a smart lock, and play back surveillance video all in the Control4 interface.

In addition to the main features customers can receive alerts when motion is detected at the door, when someone rings the doorbell, when a code is used on the DoorBird, and more. New icons show the states of the DoorBird, visually communicating that motion has been detected, when the doorbell rings, if the doorbell has been silenced, and more.



  • Simple setup/integration
  • Intercom support on Control4 touchscreens
  • Call multiple touchscreens
  • 2-Way audio with Control4 touchscreens and the DoorBird
  • Fully integrated camera
  • Doorbell Announcement through home speakers
  • Operate DoorBird via Control4 or DoorBird app
  • Control doors, gates, and other entry points for the home.
  • PoE or Wi-Fi integration
  • Ability to silence the DooBird notifications in Control4
  • Doorbell and Motion detection from within the driver, no extra wires needed
  • Turn on the light at the door station
  • BirdGuard Integration 
  • RFID key fob supported
  • Key codes supported
  • Custom Icons on Control4 interfaces


Compatible Hardware
All intercom stations (as well as BirdGuard) found here:


Compatible Control4 Systems
OS 3.1.3+. A strong network connection is required to effectively utilize this driver.


Icon States
Many Cinegration Development LLC drivers come with customizable icons, including the Power Agent. If you would like your own custom icons loaded into the driver, please email: We can create customized icons that will provide the final style touches to your projects. For this, please send a sample picture or include a description of how you would like the icon to look. We would gladly load it into the driver for you for a fee.

Standard Icons 1

Standard Icons 2

Driver is provided by Bird Home Automation Group.  All rights reserved.

Driver Download (, 1,197 Kb) [Download]

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Installers Guide
Click here to access the full installers guide that includes driver setup instructions as well as driver feature details.


Additional relevant guides:

Doorbirds with multiple doorbell buttons


Warranty and Disclaimer
This driver is owned and controlled by Bird Home Automation Group.

  •  1120
    • Fixed fingerprint names not being properly read by Control4
    • Added Composer Variable: LAST_FINGERPRINT_ID
    • Added Composer Variable: LAST_RFID_ID
  •  1119
    • LAST_USER_NAME now can be used for fingerprint_id
    • Improved snapshots
    • Hide duplicate camera icon on security automatically
    • Polling to once every 2 minutes
    • Improved setup workflow
    • Blocked running setup if No password entered
  •  1116
    • Added better support for the A1121
    • Added new Conditional for User Name that includes a dynamically built list off the found users on the DoorBird
    • Added ability to change Button push action from Composer Programming
  •  1115
    • Added fingerprint support
    • Updated copyright
  •  1114
    • Fixed relay control drivers not working with connections
    • General updates and improvements
  •  1112
    • Implemented ring_answer_timeout. This feature will send the Communication Agent’s Answer Timeout to DoorBird to help hanging up after a no answer senario
  •  1111
    • General updates
    • Fixed issue with certain models would trigger doorbells as user events
    • Updated documentation
  •  1109
    • Improved default subject line setup
    • General improvements
    • Update to support future Control4 release
  • 1108
    • Driver will rescan Control4 for new group data if a group_name was not found in the driver
    • Added warning if spaces were used in a group call (spaces are not allowed in group call names)
  • 1107
    • Fixed issue with certain doorbirds coding doorbell ids as user ids
  • 1106
    • Fixed issue with multiple doorbells on D2103V model
  • 1105
    • Added control4 driver search xml tag
  • 1104
    • small xml change
    • updated documentation
  • 1103
    • Control4 certified release version