Color Wheel

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Janus Technology
Version: 210
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Color Wheel for Control4 is a unique driver from Janus technology providing a sleek, colourful and intuitive web interface for Control4 RGB, RGBW and Tuneable White (WW) Lighting drivers. Running as a service on any Control4 touchscreen supporting webview, this is more than just a driver, offering a totally new and hugely enriched user experience.

The screen is dominated by the spectacular color wheel, which allows for the easy control of multiple lighting channels, adapting to type of light controller - RGB, RGBW, WW. There is support for 8 scenes per room, with on-screen visual scene colour indication, and simple selection. The interface complements the existing Control4 lighting screen, and is recalled by simply selecting it from the Services menu in Navigator.

The Colour Wheel driver itself is directly compatible with a number of existing lighting drivers, and the accompanying Proxy Interface driver allows existing dimmers to group as RGB/RGBW/WW fixtures, making them compatible with Colour Wheel.  The following systems are currently supported, and the list is constantly growing:

  • ArtNet DMX RGB/RGB-M (ExtraVeg)
  • Aurora AOne (coming soon!)
  • Collingwood (available here)
  • Converging Systems ILC-400C and ILC-100C
  • Domaudeo RGBW
  • Nicolaudie (available here)
  • Philips Hue (available from the C4 cloud)
  • Rako Controls (Janus driver available here)
  • TP-Link (available here)
  • YeeLight (available here)
  • Lutron Homeworks QS (single channel RGB dimming)
  • Adeo DALI/DMX *
  • ArtNet DMX (ExtraVeg, NextGenTec) *
  • Clipsal C-Bus *
  • ColorBeam *
  • Control4 Centralised Lighting*
  • KNX *
  • Lutron Homeworks *
  • Lutron QS *
  • Rako (Control4, ExtraVeg drivers) *
*compatible via the Proxy Interface driver

The proxy interface allows us to add in support for any exitsing Control4 driver in a matter of minutes. Please feel free to contact us if there is a particular lighting system you want to integrate, or to discuss tailor-made options for a specific install. 

Colour Wheel (, 1,520 Kb) [Download]

Proxy Interface (, 197 Kb) [Download]

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v210 Date 09-04-2020

- Added RGBW support for Domaudeo RGB Group (no scene) driver that was previously missed


v209 Date 02-04-2020

- Added RGBW support for Domaudeo RGB drivers - Fixed a bug where slider commands would send twice


v208 Date 03-03-2020 - Added support for Lutron Homeworks QS single-proxy dimmer via its default RGB colour space

- Added property to enable discovery of Lutron Homeworks QS dimmers (default NO)


v207 Date 07-01-2020 - Added support for Philips Hue Lamp Group Brightness - Minor bug fixes


v206 Date 29-10-2019

- Minor bug fixes


v204 Date 10-10-2019

- Added support for ArtNet DMX RGB/RGB-M drivers by ExtraVeg

- Improved current colour feedback


v203 Date 09-10-2019

- Added support for TP-Link LB-XXXX Smart Wifi Bulbs

- Added action to reset touch screen cache

- Fixed bug where the webview would crash if a selected light was removed from the Control4 project


v202 Date 12-09-2019

- Added support for Aurora AOne Smart Lighting

- Changed warning that the driver only works on T3 touch panels


v201 Date 30-07-2019

- Corrected typos in the user guide

- Fixed YeeLight not appearing in the Warm White menu


v200 Date 29-07-2019


- Added support for YeeLight Smart LED Bulbs

- Added support for Converging Systems ILC-400C and ILC-100C LED drivers (RGB/RGBW only)

- Added support for Domaudeo RGB and Tunable White driver suite FEATURES/ENHANCEMENTS:

- Connection from Colour Wheel interface to the C4 processor re-established if lost

- Press on the light type header to toggle select all/none

- Press and hold on a light to get the option to hide it from the view

- Feedback from single-proxy hue scale dimmers processed

- Updated documentation to describe how to access Colour Wheel in Control4 v3.0


- Fixed bug where the view would default to RGB even if only CT dimmers were present