KNX Coloured Lighting

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Janus Technology
Version: 103
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The KNX SDK provides many different datapoint types that could be used for coloured light fixtures; some allowing for use of a single group address, and others requiring multiple group addresses to be used in conjunction for a single fixture.

For RGB/RGBW drivers, this displays a common and familiar control interface for the end user, including separate sliders for red, green, blue (and white), along with a faux brightness slider for controlling all RGB channels at once.

For the Tunable White driver, the user is greeted with 2 sliders; one for brightness, and one for warmth.


Colour Wheel

This driver launches with full compatibility of Colour Wheel – the spectacular webview driver that allows intuitive control of your RGB, RGBW and tunable white fixtures through a full visual colour wheel, from any T3 touchscreen.

And better yet, you can even get your KNX coloured lighting driver licenced for free when you purchase a Colour Wheel licence! Available here



What datapoint types are supported?

The following datapoint types are supported

  • DPT_5
  • DPT_7 (CT driver only)
  • DPT_232 (XY colour scheme) (RGB driver only)
  • DPT_242_600 (3-byte RGB control) (RGB driver only)
  • DPT_251_600 (6-byte RGBW control) (RGBW driver only)


How do I get my KNX Coloured Lighting licence after purchasing Colour Wheel?

The process is automatic! Once you add a Colour Wheel licence to a project, this will enable both your Colour Wheel and KNX coloured lighting drivers immediately.


Driver Download (, 1,938 Kb) [Download]


KNX Coloured Lighting for Control4

Date           24-12-2020
Version        103
- Added custom command to activate a random colour

- Changed Colour Temperature DPT from 7.600 to 7 to allow compatibility with KNX Network
- Fixed issue with Set RGB custom commands
- Fixed issue with CT Feedback GroupAddresses not being registered
- Fixed issue with CT driver startup

Date           11-12-2020
Version        101
- Added new driver for Tuneable White support
- Added support for (optional) level feedback on separate group addresses

- N/A

Date           03-12-2020
Version        100

- Initial release