Generic Infrared RGB Light Button

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Do you want to give a better user experience to your customer when controlling Infra-red RGB Lights?

Generic Infrared RGB Light Button Driver will provide the best experience on controlling RGB infrared lights.

Compatible with any Infrared RGB light, with easy installation.

Driver Features

  • Select 13 Diferent Collors plus 4 specials modes
  • Cycle between the colors
  • Compatible with any RGB infrared led
  • Nice and easy interface


1) Add the driver to the project.

2) Set the IR codes for each desired color

3) Select which collors to be shown in the interface

4) Unhide the IR RGB Light experience button in the Navigator.

5) Ready to use!


Q: Will this driver work with all RGB lights?

A: Most likelly yes. This driver is compatible with any RGB light, but some chinese lights require to send ON command before each color. Some other lights don't. Please try the driver before you buy.

Q: Can I select only couple of collors and hide the others?

A: Yes, you can set it in the Properties tab.

Q: Does it work with Remote Controllers like SR-260 once it is not possible to see icons on those devices?

A: Yes, the selected color name will be shown in the SR-260 screen as text.

Q: Do you offer showroom licences?

A: Yes, T4Control always deliver free showroom licence, contact-us.

Driver Download (generic_RGB_IR_lighting.c4z, 2,185 Kb) [Download]

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Generic Infrared RGB Light Button Driver

This driver provides a better user experience interface to control RGB lights with infrared control.

This is a generic driver, that will work with all RGB infrared devices. The driver will fire an event when a color is selected. The user will cycle through all the colors and after 5 seconds, the IR command is sent to the device.


Add the driver to the project, and connect the IR connection to the output.

If you do not want to offer the choice of all colors or white then set the corresponding ‘Display color’ property to ‘No’.  This will ensure that the color is not available when you cycle through.  Note you cannot remove all the colors!

Set the Infrared code for each light state:


The Select Color Now property enables you to select the color immediately for testing.  Note if the color you select has its property set to No then the event will not fire.

You must move the IR RGB Light to the "Visible Devices & Order" area in order to see the driver in the screens.


Use the Navigator tab in System Design to select which rooms and on which menu the button will appear.  It will be available for every room but will be hidden by default.


The driver don't need extra programming to work because it already send the IR code to the RGB device.

But you can create some buttons to execute this example:


Each press of the button will cycle to the next color available.  A two second ‘debounce’ delay occurs before the event fires.  This prevents the light showing unwanted colors as the customer cycles through.

Five  seconds after the color has been set the next press of the button will turn the light off.



Some brands require that the ON IR code is send before the color at first selection. If your brand do not require this just leave IR ON empty in Properties.


Need Support? Contact-us at <>


Change Log:

Version 1 - Initial Version

Version 2 - Small fixes

Version 3 - Added ON command to programming tab

Version 4 (1.0.1) - Fixed problems with licensing

Version 5 (1.0.2) - Added icon description for SR-260 knows what color is selected

Version 6 - Added Fire Timer [s] property and updated the DriverCentral licencing driver.