Universal KNX Security Driver

MSRP: $290.00
Adeo Group S.r.l.
Version: 47
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  • This driver controls a security system through KNX communication usigng Control4 securitypanel proxy
  • You can use the Control4 TS as a security system keyboard
  • Provide all sensor status by Connections
  • You can integrate all KNX security system:
    • Natively based (e.i. ABB)
    • By Specific Gateway (e.i. RISCO)



  • Each instance of the driver handles a partition of a security system; a partition is a set of zones that can be armed or disarmed together.
  • The partition can be associated to a room in the Control4 supervision, in order to let the final user to manage it in the SECURITY section.
  • OS3 supported



  • before using this driver, you need all KNX group address from your security system


Universal_KNX_Security_Driver (Universal_KNX_Security_Driver.zip, 3,641 Kb) [Download]