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Have you ever wanted to send SMS from your Control4 installation?

Now it's possible thanks to gateway!

SMSBox covers more than 230 countries and 880 telecom providers!


How does it works?

Just create an account on for All countries or for France

Then, create a subaccount for all your clients, and manage their SMS credit, you can purchase SMS packages and distribute them to your clients, and even make profit from that service!



- Check remaining credit

- Send text messages 



For programming several events are available depending on the what has been sent by the gateway.



A variable representing the current available credit is published as readonly.




Depending on feedback, MMS message could be sent, or get answer from previously sent message to automate features and control the system via sent messages to the installation.

So, please try it and tell us which other feature you would like.....

Driver Download (sms_sender.c4z, 1,595 Kb) [Download]

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