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This driver enables the sending of ping commands from the controller across the network. The tool proves especially useful for checking the reachability of specific devices within the network, such as local devices or internet connections.

The driver utilizes the new Control4 API enhanced with the PING tool, ensuring optimal performance. It allows the destination to be specified as an IP address or a domain.

Moreover, the driver includes various events and variables that can trigger necessary actions within Composer Pro programming.



  • You can ping an IP or a domain name.
  • Periodical pinging can be enabled.
  • Time span for pinging intervals can be set from 10 to 86400 seconds (1 day).
  • Events available for: Ping responded, ping failed, and device status changed.
  • You can force ping with a programming command.
  • Variables are available for more flexibility in Composer Pro programming.




  • OS 3.3.1+


More information, examples and important info is provided on driver documentation.



Use Scenarios: 

  • Ping an important device on the network so Control4 can quickly know if the devices went offline/online and take some quick actions (like triggering a push or email notification, or rebooting the PDU outlet).
  • Ping an internet server (like "" or to see if the controller has internet access. If there isn't, you can display a pop-up on the Control4 touchscreen or make an announcement to warn the users.  
  • Use the device status as a condition for actions. For example: if "something" happens, and the ping device is online, do this; if not, do that.


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23080101 - Initial Release

23081402 - Added timestamp property and variable