LiteWave wLightBox Colour Controller

MSRP: $75.00
Janus Technology
Version: 102
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The smallest Wi-Fi Colour Controller in the World?

The wLightBox controller by LiteWave offers a safe, reliable and easy way of controlling RGB or RGBW from their range of products, such as lighting strips, spotlights, modules and even RGB fibre optics.

This driver brings full support for this controller into Control4, with two-way control and feedback, advanced lighting scene availability, and full support for the integrated LiteWave effects via custom commands.

The standard control method for the wLightBox RGB/RGBW drivers provide separate sliders for red, green, blue (and white), with an additional faux brightness slider to control all RGB channels at once.


Colour Wheel

This driver launches with full compatibility of Colour Wheel – the spectacular webview driver that allows intuitive control of your RGB and RGBW fixtures through a full visual colour wheel, from any T3 touchscreen.

And better yet, you can even get your wLightBox driver licenced for free when you purchase a Colour Wheel licence! Available here



Where can I purchase a wLightBox Controller?

The Litewave wLightBox Colour Controller can be purchased from the Litewave website


How do I get my wLightBox licence after purchasing Colour Wheel?

The process is automatic! Once you add a Colour Wheel licence to a project, this will enable both your Colour Wheel and wLightBox drivers immediately.


Driver Download (, 1,025 Kb) [Download]


LiteWave wLightBox Colour Controller for Control4
Date 08-07-2021
Version 102

- N/A

- Fixed comms issue introduced in v101

Date 27-05-2021
Version 101

- N/A

- Fixed issue preventing device information properties from populating for some devices
- Fixed effects commands when triggered from Colour Wheel

Date 13-08-2020
Version 100

- Initial release