Vantage QLink Driver

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Version: 20220531
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OS 2.9 OS 2.10 OS 3 


Vantage has sold thousands of Qlink lighting solutions in the past.  Up until now, a Control4 dealer hasn't been able to integrate with this lighting system. This required the customer to extensively upgrade their lighting system just so Control4 would control it. Well not anymore! This driver is a RS232 driver that provides full 2 way feedback of Lights, Enclosure Modules, Dimmers, Low-Voltage Relay stations and scene point modules. By integrating these devices into the existing Control4 software, a customer is given almost the same features that a typical Control4 system can provide in the home without the need to upgrade the Vantage system. In addition, Cinegration worked with Vantage programmers and found a way for a dealer to program the Control4 system without the need to 'know' how Vantage 'works'!



Main Driver

  • RS232 interface to any Control4 controller
  • Simple driver setup action for easy and fast integration
  • Custom programming tab for advanced users that know Vantage!  (Direct V-Command support)
  • Task execution
  • Keypad Button Push/Release as an Event and Action (Station Load)
  • Control4 Relay Proxy integration

Light Driver (Enclosure or Station Load)

  • Allows dealer to turn on/off individual lights in the program from any Control4 navigator
  • Light State Feedback via all Control4 interfaces
  • Compatible with Station loads, Enclosure loads, Low-Voltage relays and more


Compatible Hardware

Vantage Qlink Systems


Compatible Control4 Systems
This driver is compatible with Control4 2.9.1 or higher.


Driver License Activation
A single license will unlock as many instances of the driver as needed in your project. Cloud Driver is required to activate all DriverCentral licenses and trials. To find out more about drivercentral features click here. Additionally, here is a quick video that demonstrates the licensing process.


Showroom and Free Trial
All Cinegration Development drivers for Control4 come with a 7-day trial. Simply add the DriverCentral licensing driver along with this driver and you can fully test the driver before purchasing. Including Cinegration Development drivers in your showroom project will give you unlimited use without purchase.


Driver is provided by Cinegration Development LLC.  All rights reserved.

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Installers Guide
To access the full installers guides that include driver setup instructions as well as driver feature details select the following:

Vantage QLink Cinegration Main Driver_documentation

Vantage QLink Light Driver_documentation


Warranty and Disclaimer
For a full description of terms and conditions pertaining to Cinegration Development's drivers please visit

  • 20220531
    • Fixed relays not triggering properly since previous version
  •  20220112
    • Fixed rs232 parsing issues caused by 20211130 update
    • Improved debug statements
    • Added click_toggle command (Dimmer Driver)
    • Added toggle_preset command (Switch Driver)
  • 20211130
    • Added Button Linking to Light and Switch drivers
    • Updated documentation to current standards
    • Updated code framework to current standards
  • 1009
    • Improved RS232 communication on large projects
  • 1008
    • Added light switch driver to driver package
  • 1007
    • Fixed issue with ramp_to_level not working on 3.0.x
  • 1006 
    • Fixed issue where in OS3.0 the ramp to level would not work
  • 1003
    • Bug fix from version 1002
  • 1002
    • Fixed issue with light addresses not persisting across reboots.
  • 1001
    • migration to driverCentral



◦  Version 8.0.0

▪  Conversion to HouseLogix

◦  Version 8.0.1

      ▪  Corrected issue with documentation not loading correctly

◦  Version 8.0.2

      ▪  Corrected issue License Properties

◦  Version 8.0.3/8.0.4

      ▪  Corrected issue where some lights were not updating their level states after a change

◦  Version 8.0.5

      ▪  License System Update

◦  Version 8.0.8

      ▪  Update to support Cinegration Showroom License