Floor Plan

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Janus Technology
Version: 104
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Control4 Floor Plan is a unique driver from Janus technology that allows you to view and control the state of devices across your entire home from any T3 touch screen!

Utilising Control4's webview technology, floor plan can display the state of all sensors, relays and lights in your project on a visual floorplan of your site - while allowing control of all drivers from a familiar interface.

Floorplan uses the concept of layers. Each layer corresponds to a distinct set of driver types within your Control4 project (e.g. Sensors, Lighting, Comfort...). 



Webview Compatibility

The webview interface is compatible with any Control4 T3 touch screen.

Configuration of the driver from a browser is required prior to operation. You can access the webview via the following URL, substituting in the IP address of your main processor;

http://<controller_ip>/driver/ janus_floorplan_dc/dist/



Whats New?

v104 - 24/12/2020

  • Added Lighting layer
  • Re-designed the control UI to give a familiar Control4 experience

v103 - 03/12/2020

  •  Fixed display issues for mobile devices

v102 - 29/11/2020

  •  Added suppoprt for wireless Nyce motion sensor

v101 - 20/11/2020

  • Added the concept of layers
  • Changed image storage methodology to reduce websocket traffic
  • Sensors/relays now discoverable



Driver Compatibility

The Floor Plan driver itself is directly compatible with a quickly growing list of drivers among multiple driver types.

Currently, there is support for RGB/CT lighting drivers, and sensors/relays

Sensor/Relay Driver

FloorPlan supports any Control4 generic sensor or relay driver, which can all be found under the My Drivers -> Motorization and Sensors sections of Composer.

Coloured Light Drivers

  • ArtNet DMX RGB/RGB-M (ExtraVeg, available from the C4 cloud)
  • Aurora AOne (coming soon!)
  • Collingwood (available here)
  • Converging Systems ILC-400C and ILC-100C (available from the C4 cloud)
  • Domaudeo RGBW (available here)
  • KNX Coloured Lighting (available here)
  • Nicolaudie (available here)
  • LiteWave wLightBox (available here)
  • NexLux Wi-FI LED Strips (available here)
  • Philips Hue (available from the C4 cloud)
  • Rako Controls (Janus driver available here)
  • TP-Link (available here)
  • YeeLight (available here)
  • Lutron Homeworks QS (single channel RGB dimming)
  • Adeo DALI/DMX *
  • ArtNet DMX (ExtraVeg, NextGenTec) *
  • Clipsal C-Bus *
  • ColorBeam *
  • Control4 Centralised Lighting*
  • KNX *
  • Lutron Homeworks *
  • Lutron QS *
  • Rako (Control4, ExtraVeg drivers) *

*compatible via the Enhanced Lighting Interface driver




What interfaces does it work on?

Floor Plan appears where you have placed it via navigator (for OS2, it will also appear under the Services menu).

Currently, Floor Plan and other webview drivers are only available on T3 screens, and not on iOS / Android Apps due to limitations set by Control4.

You can also view the interface from any browser, by navigating to the following URL, substituting in the IP address of your main processor;



Can I use Floor Plan from my phone/tablet?

You can! Ensuring that your device is on the same local network as your Control4 processor, in your device's native browser navigate to http://<controller_ip>/driver/janus_floorplan_dc/dist to access the Floor Plan interface.

For iOS devices, you can favourite this web page to your home screen by tapping the upload icon, then tapping Add to Home Screen.

WARNING due to web page caching on iOS, after updating Floor Plan you must either re-create this favourite or restart your device to access the new updates from your iOS device.


What do I need to install?

The main driver to install is the Floor Plan driver – this provides the webview interface and automatically scans your system for compatible lights.

With the exception of Enhanced Lighting Interface, you should set up your compatible drivers in the usual way described in their documentation.

For Enhanced Lighting Interface compatible drivers, you should add 1 instance of Enhanced Lighting Interface for each light fixture you have.
From there, you need to set the properties Colour Mode to describe the type of this fixture (RGB/RGBW/WW), and use the device selectors to link the correct channels to the existing dimmer drivers.


Will you be supporting more devices in the future?

If you want to use a driver with FloorPlan that isn’t currently supported, please contact us quoting the driver name and download link and we will be happy to add support quickly!


Do you offer a free demo license for dealer showrooms?

Yes - we offer a free showroom demo license via the DriverCentral showroom project.



Driver Download (Control4_FloorPlan_v104_DriverCentral.zip, 6,507 Kb) [Download]


FloorPlan for Control4 driver

v104 Date 24-12-2020
- Added lighting layer supporting dimmers, switch and scenes
- Added support for KNX Coloured Lighting
- Added support for LiteWave wLightBox RGB/RGBW
- Added support for Enhanced Lighting Interface by Janus (RGB/RGBW/TW)

- Added icons for additional sensor/relay drivers
- Variable registration handling improved for reliability
- Added key-press shortcuts for shape editing
- Redesigned the control screens to give a familiar Control4 interface

- Fixed issue where some colour commands would not send successfully
- Images are now deleted when an area is removed
- Fixed some sensors/relays displaying the incorrect state

v103 Date 03-12-2020
- N/A

- Fixed display issues for mobile devices

v102 Date 29-11-2020
- Added support for Wireless Nyce motion sensor

- Fixed typos in the documentation

v101 Date 20-11-2020
- Added the concept of layers
- Sensors/relays now discoverable
- Changed driver icon, ensuring compatibility with iOS homescreen favourites
- Changed image storage methodology to reduce websocket traffic
- Added warning in webview for when the driver is unlicenced

- Fixed issue where adding a new point to a polygon would sometimes place it in the wrong place
- Connection state feedback correctly displays in the bottom-middle of the screen
- Fixed the CT colour feedback for Aurora bulbs, as they were not being correctly scaled

v100 Date 27-07-2020
- Initial version