by Shelby Schwartz

Homemation is a dynamic distribution company that supplies premium audio visual, automation, and other lifestyle products to the South African and Sub-Saharan markets. As one of the largest South African distributors with over 20 years of experience in the industry, Homemation has offices and showrooms based in both Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Homemation started developing drivers for their own showrooms and personal houses. A few years ago, another industry veteran and DriverCentral Developer gave Homemation a huge nudge to publish and distribute drivers, starting with the Occupancy Driver. While Homemation mostly still writes drivers for their Showrooms and personal homes which allows them to battle test them before release, they have now written a few drivers specifically for dealers as well. No matter the origin of the driver, Homemation now releases them on DriverCentral for all to use.

Homemation's products serve the residential, commercial, and hospitality markets, and they have certified specialist retailers and qualified custom installers who are able to create solutions for any project.


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Homemation currently has the following drivers available:

Untitled-2-12.png.png?1625589766416.   connectorr_DC.jpg.png?1622052199413.   ControlID_DC.jpg.png?1622052214934      HM_Future_Auto_Swivel_Mech.png.png?1625589858670

messenger.jpg.png?1622051108404.   Towel_01_On.png.png?1625589898112

ControlID_DC.jpg.png?1622052214934      Light_to_Relay_Icon.png.png?1625589985954

messenger.jpg.png?1622051108404.   webrelay_170.png.png?1625590018322



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