Crestron Lighting

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Homemation – Crestron Lighting Driver

This is a two-way driver between Control4 and Crestron. This is to be used in combination with the Creston Module written.

Secondary Drivers: 

  • To add dimmable lighting loads to the system, use the "HM Dimmable Light" driver.
  • To add switched lighting loads to the system, use the "HM Non Dimmable Light" driver.
  • To use a relay with non-lighting loads, use the “HM Relay Interface” Driver which allows you to connect a Control4 Relay Driver so that it reflects in the correct place on a Navigator.
  • To use a keypad button from Crestron within Control4 you can use the “HM Keypad” Driver. Each button requires an address from Crestron. You can then bind these in connections or use them in programming.


  • The addressing in the above drivers needs to match the address in Crestron exactly. This should be a 4-digit number.

Driver Properties: 

  • Inter-Command Delay – This is a delay inserted automatically in-between each command so that the Crestron System reads all the commands reliably.
  • TCP Port – this allows you to set the port number when using an IP connection to communicate with Crestron
  • Debug Mode – Set to print to troubleshoot the driver
  • Last Address Received – Will allow you to see the address received from Crestron so that you can copy it to the address property of the lighting drivers mentioned above.


Crestron Demo Program Guide:

  • The program uses a TCP/IP Client (already added) to talk to the Control4 system.
    • The client needs an address of
    • Port 1124
  • The Control4 driver "HM_Crestron_Lighting.c4z" in Composer will get the IP address of the Crestron Processor in Connections – IP Connections if using IP. Otherwise just bind the RS232 connection from a Control4 controller to a Crestron Processor.
  • For each Dimmer, relay or motor controller add new required Cresnet device. Copy and paste the correct associated folder.  Press F9 to simply change programming to match new Cresnet ID.
  • It is suggested to simply change logic to match new device ID no.  Matching Control4 drivers can be found for dimmers, relays and motor control.
    • Dimmers:  "HM_Dimmable_Light.c4z"
    • Relays: "HM_Non_Dim_Light.c4z"
    • Shade motors (DIN-2MC2): "HM_Relay_Interface.c4z"
  • Address, which will be a four-digit number followed with the load no as a 2-digit value:
    • Example: Dimmer ID 10 Load 4 in Control4 will get an address of 1004
    • Example: Relay ID 21 Load 7 in control4 will get and address of 2107
    • Example: Shade ID 30 in Control4 gets address’s:
      • 3001 for Motor 1 Open
      • 3002 for Motor 1 Close
      • 3003 for Motor 1 Stop
      • 3004 for Motor 2 Open
      • 3005 for Motor 2 Close
      • 3006 for Motor 2 Stop


  • What communication connections can I use?
    • You can use either RS232 or TCP IP
    • Serial Setting 19200 8 1 N
  • Why was this driver created?
    • We had a few requests where Crestron lighting was in place, but the dealer wanted to change the front end to Control4. This allows you to easily bring the two together
  • What about the Crestron Modules?
    • There is a demo program included in the Driver Pack. This has its own set of help files to assist you in getting the Crestron side up and running. It will require the assistance of a very entry level Crestron Programmer.
    • Drivers only compatible with programming done in Crestron Simpl
    • Will require a Crestron Processor to remain in place. Tested with 2 and 3 Series Processors.
  • Is this a 2-Way driver?
    • Yes, it is. If the guidelines in the Crestron Demo Program are followed, any change to the Crestron Dimmer or Relay should feedback to Control4 right away
  • Can I try this driver out before buying it?
    • Please do! As with all Homemation Drivers the driver is free for showroom accounts but have also increased the trial period for this driver to 90 days.
  • We published a bad version and sincerely apologise for any inconveniences. DO NOT STAY ON VERSION 20200617
  • Upgrading to this version should auto recover the connection after 30-45 seconds after updating from version 20200617
  • Corrected an error in the XML that removed the network connection.
  • Added support for Blinds and Curtains with the HM Blind Driver
  • Added some code to detect connection drops and reconnections better.
  • Made the inter-proxy communication more efficient.
  • Added the ability to use Preset On functionality similar to C4 dimmers.


  • Internal testing, not released.


  • Corrected a snag where the "Click" command on a C4 keypad would toggle the relay twice


  • Added push, release and toggle commands for dimming from Control4 Keypads linked to Crestron Lights
  • Added the Emulate Command property for testing purposes
  • Added the IP connection status to the properties page
  • Corrected a bug where if you changed the port number the driver would not automatically reconnect on that port
  • Added a property to set a reconnection timer if the IP connection is dropped
  • Added the suggested Keypad Click Rate to this documentation


  • Some fixes to help with large lighting scenes
  • Added an inter-command delay property for sending and receiving commands to and from the Crestron Processor
  • Added support for dimming via press and hold from a keypad button


  • Fixed a little coding error that affected the dimmer integration


  • Added Keypad functionality


  • Initial Release
Guide 1 - IP Connections:

Guide 2 - Adding a Dimmable Light Circuit:

Guide 3 - Adding a Non Dimmable Light Circuit:

Guide 4 - Adding the Generic Relay Interface:

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