Heated Bathroom Icons

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Version: 29
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This driver is a simple with multiple icons to control a heated mirror or towel rail with a Relay.


  • Multiple Icons
  • Quickly bind the Relay output to the Relay Driver you need to control
  • Based on an experience button so the icon can be placed anywhere on a navigator
  • Has keypad connections to control the heated towel rail
  • Has a timeout so that the heated towel rail does not stay on for longer than it should



  • Icon Settings
    • Icon: Select the icon you would like to use in either the Towel Rail or Mirror Driver
  • Auto Off Settings
    • Auto Off (M): Once turned on, how long, in minutes, should the heated towel rail turn off.
      • If set to 0 (zero) this will then disable the auto off
    • Startup State: Whether to startup in the off, on or previous state (before the director restart)


    • Relay (Output): This is where you will bind the driver to the relay driver


  • Why did you make the driver?
    • Had the need to show a nice picture and state for a heated towel rail.
    • Then had a request for the same thing but with a mirror icon.
  • Can you have more than one Driver per project?
    • Sure can.
  • I want to try before I buy…
    • No problem, the driver comes with a free 15-day trial
  • Version 28
    • Corrected and error that broke Auto-Off in the last version.
    • Added a panel heater icon.
  • Version 27
    • Added some code to update the status when the relay state is changed outside of Control4 and is fed back to the driver.
    • Added a Bathroom Fan & a Vertical Heated Towel Rail Driver.
  • Version 26
    • Added a companion Heated Mirror Driver.
    • Added a startup state with the ability to restore the previous state.
  • Version 25
    • Changed the max for the Auto Off to 5 days (7200 minutes).
  • Version 24
    • Some code clean-up
    • Added conditionals
    • Added "When HTR Status Changes" Action in programming
  • Version 20
    • Initial Release