Light to Relay

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Version: 21
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This driver is a simple convertor that allows you to use a Lighting Device within Composer and get a Relay Connection output.


  • Quickly select the lighting driver from System Design
  • Quickly bind the Relay output to the Relay Driver you need to control
  • If the light it turned on via the light icon on a navigator this will reflect on the relay driver
  • If the relay device is triggered the commands are routed to the lighting device


  • Device Settings
    • Light: This is where you select the light you would like to bind to


  • Relay (Output): This is where you will bind the driver to the relay driver you want to control (like a sprinkler, motorized lift. Shades, drapes, etc.)


  • Can you give us some examples of how we could use this driver?
    • Sometimes there is only a lighting driver available, but this is connected to a non-lighting device. This allows you to use a device like a Puck Switch (SM201) and connect it to irrigation and not have to have to use the light icon to control relay items like irrigation.
  • Why did you make the driver?
    • For the example above. I only had a puck switch on hand and wanted to automate my sprinklers with the Irrigation Control driver for smart watering. I had to convert the light to a relay connection so that I could use the Sprinkler relay driver to make use of the Irrigation Control Driver.

Version 20

  • Added compatibility with the older "relaysingle" toggle comand

Version 15

  • Initial Release