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Version: 20200226
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JVC LX-UH1 & LX-NZ3 Projector Driver

This driver allows 2-Way RS232 communication with the JVC LX-UH1 & LX-NZ3 projector.

Programming Actions

  • When the Aspect Ratio Changes
  • When the Lamp Hour Changes
  • When the Lamp Status Changes
  • When the Picture Mode Changes
  • When the Power Status Changes
  • When the Source Changes

Programming Commands

Picture Mode:

  • Dynamic
  • Natural
  • User1
  • User2

Aspect Ratio:

  • 4:3
  • 16:9
  • 16:10
  • Auto

Lamp Status:

  • Lamp Hour
  • Lamp Mode Status

Version 20200226:

  • Corrected a code mishap. No new features.


Version 20200224:

  • Fixed a problem with the input command being delayed by the Power On Delay


Version 20200216:

  • Fixed a problem with the power up delay sending the source command early


Version 20200214:

  • Added support for the LX-NZ3


Version 20181030:

  • Initial Release