Future Automation Mechanism Driver

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Version: 20180810
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Homemation Future Automation Mechanism Driver

This driver allows for control of various Future Automation Mechanisms via Relay, RS232 and IR.

  • Pick between a Projector Drop or Ceiling Hinge
  • UI Button with animations with on C4 Navigators
  • Control by Keypad Linking (NO PROGRAMMING NEEDED)
  • Link to the Projector, TV, Plasma or Receiver to open or close on their power commands (NO PROGRAMMING NEEDED)
  • Supports Latching (single) or Momentary (dual) Relay Connections, RS232 or IR Control

  • Mechanism Status: This indicates the last command sent to the Mechanism
  • Mechanism Type: Which type of Mechanism are you controlling
  • Keypad Settings: Select the LED feedback colours when linked to a keypad
  • Opening Time [s]: How long does the Mechanism take to Open or Close. This is purely to try sync the Navigator animation with Mechanism
  • Trigger Device: You can link this to a Plasma, Television or Projector. When the trigger device receives its power on command the Mechanism should open and when the trigger device receives a power off command it should close the Mechanism. No need to do any programming
Control Options
  • Relay: there are two options of controlling the Future Automation Mechanisms with relays
    • Latching: This uses one relay. The Mechanism can only be opened and closed
    • Momentary: This uses up to three relays. One for Open. One for Close. One for Stop (Optional)
  • RS232: With the wiring layout below you can Open, Close and Stop the Mechanism via RS232 Control
  • Infrared: With the IR pickup connected to the Future Automation Control Box you can Open, Close and Stop the Mechanism
  • Programming events:
    • When the Mechanism Opens
    • When the Mechanism Closes
    • When the Mechanism Stops
    • When the UI Button is selected
  • Programming actions:
    • Open the Mechanism
    • Close the Mechanism
    • Stop the Mechanism
    • Select the UI Button

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