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Adeo Group S.r.l. distributes products for professional audio video installations and home automation systems. Since 2009 we are the Italian distributor of the Control4 brand, but we have been operating on the market for over 30 years. The experience in close contact with the needs of the System Integrators has given rise to Adeo Control: a brand that aims to support Control4's solutions in the most advanced systems.

We are present in Italy and abroad with a commercial network of agents and dealers who offer professional and attentive support to all customers.


Adeo Control, since 2016, provides several solutions with many different Control4 Drivers:

  1. DALI and DMX lighting integration, with the one and the only DALI (and or) DMX IP gateway directly integrated on Control4 (no need other domotic bus). Are available 5 free driver to manage al kind of LED low voltage lighting (tunable white, dim to warm, RGB, RGBW).

  2. Complete Energy Management solution with the web server Super Gateway, Meter and Smart Plug wifi. We provide a very useful interface on Control4 touchscreen, with the history of power consumption and power production. The solution can also use KNX or Modbus meter.

  3. Free driver for Super IO, 4 analog and digital inputs + 4 16A outputs module. Free driver for SuperPlug, wifi smart plug with meter. Usable stand alone, with Control4 and also with Energy Management Solution.

  4. The first Security System Driver that speak KNX. In turn, the Driver has two different destination: the first, here in DriverCentral, is the Universal KNX Security Driver that allows to integrate any Security System KNX natively based or that needs a KNX gateway. The second is a free KNX Security Driver needs a Super Gateway (as KNX Gateway). In this case, with a license, we already speak with: TecnoAlarm, Bentel, Networx NX, Pess, STS, Siemens EDP, Paradox EVO, EL.MO. / IESS, Leviton. And others are coming.

  5. BticinoModbus, Condaria gateway thanks Super Gateway


Adeo Control for Control4 Smart Home Pro!


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Control4, Current Driver Version: 5

The Super Gateway Energy Meter interface (SGEMi), generated by Adeo Control Super Gateway and developed for Control4 touchscreen, provides a very intuitive way to monitoring the power consumption and power production. The Customer can have a daily, weekly and yearly history. Moreover, he can set the threshold power to receive any notification.

Control4, Current Driver Version: 230
The Adeo Control SGDD-C4-3 Server Gateway is a multi-output device operating over IP. Allows to carry data packs toward the DMX512 and DALI fieldbus communication systems. Allows for an advanced light control of DALI and DMX in the same time on Control4 SystemAdeo Control SGDD-C4-3 does the addressing of DALI devices.

Adeo Control Super IO provides 4 analog or digital input (temperature or button) and 4 16A output by a wifi connection. Using the free Adeo Control App you can set a stand alone behavior of singol input and output, when miss the wifi connection.

Control4, Current Driver Version: 1
The Adeo Control Super Plug is a smart plug that can be driven by a specific app (iOs and Android) or by a specific free Driver Control4. It also provides the consumption data of the connected device. Control is via a local WiFi network, so it can be easily positioned throughout the home and with maximum versatility. Integrated with the Super Gaateway it can be used for load management. Integrated in Control4 it can be seen as a generic relay and therefore manageable by a programmer, advanced programming, wakeup or sleep, etc.

MSRP: $290.00
Control4, Current Driver Version: 47
The Universal KNX Security Driver controls a security system through KNX communication usigng Control4 securitypanel proxy. You can use the Control4 TS as a security system keyboard. Provide all sensor status by Connections. You can integrate all KNX security system: Natively based (e.i. ABB) or By Specific Gateway (e.i. RISCO).
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