Adeo Control Super Plug Driver

Adeo Group S.r.l.
Version: 1
Super Plug Driver


The Adeo Control Super Plug is a smart plug that can be driven by a specific app (iOs and Android) or by a specific free Driver Control4. It also provides the consumption data of the connected device. Control is via a local WiFi network, so it can be easily positioned throughout the home and with maximum versatility. Integrated with the Super Gaateway it can be used for load management. Integrated in Control4 it can be seen as a generic relay and therefore manageable by a programmer, advanced programming, wakeup or sleep, etc.



  • Auto discovery of IP address and port by entering in the serial number of the Super Plug
  • Simple Relay Output Connection on Composer
  • On/Off/energy usage feedback from the Adeo Control App
  • Integrated with the Super Gaateway it can be used for load management


Adeo Control App
Download the Adeo Control App from Android or Apple

Enjoy the free Control4 Integration!
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