Adeo Control SGD-C4-1 Server Gateway DMX Driver Suite

Adeo Group S.r.l.
Version: 1
SGD-C4-1 Server Gateway DMX Drivers




  • The Adeo Control SGD-C4-1 Server Gateway is a multi-output device operating over IP
  • Allows to carry data packs toward the DMX512 communication systems
  • Allows for an advanced light control of DMX
  • It has 2 different DMX output but only 1 DMX universe


Adeo Control SGD-C4-1 HW can be purchased on or at



Driver Features

  • All drivers are free and work only with Adeo Control SGD-C4-1 Server Gateway
  • Provides 512 connections
  • Full support for the Control4 Advanced Lighting Agent
  • Supporting keypad Connections and LED Information
  • Controlling RGBW and Tunable White lights by DMX
  • Controlling motorization by DMX
  • All Drivers support new OS 3.3.X Color Control
  • And Daylight Agent


More info about DMX 512.


Drivers Suite


Adeo Control SGD-C4-1 Color Control

  • The driver works with Adeo_Control_SGD-C4-1_Single_Dimmable_Light.c4z driver
  • Provides new interface for native color and temperature control on OS 3.3 starting from old existing driver
  • Now you can hide all single color driver on Navigator and using only one driver
  • It is indicated for DMX devices
  • Support all kind of color fixture:
    • RGB
    • RGBW
    • Brightness +RGB
    • Brightness + RGBW
    • Brightness + Tunable White


Adeo Control SGD-C4-1 Driver

  • In Web Interface and in Network Connections set the same IP Address
  • It has 512 channels connections for DMX
  • It's possible to control all channels at same time (set val from 0 to 100%)
  • The gateway supports RampToLevel directly in hardware manner
  • The lights drivers support the Control4 Advanced Lighting


More info.

SGD-C4-1_Firmware (, 412 Kb) [Download]

SGD-C4-1_Docs (, 5,085 Kb) [Download]

SGD-C4-1_Driver_Suite (, 474 Kb) [Download]