Adeo Control Super IO Driver

Adeo Group S.r.l.
Version: 0
Super IO Driver


Adeo Control Super IO provides 4 analog or digital input (temperature or button) and 4 16A output by a wifi connection. Using the free Adeo Control App you can set a stand alone behavior of singol input and output, when miss the wifi connection.



With this free Driver you can have:

  • 4 CONTACT_SENSOR Connection and/or 4 THERMOMETER Connections
  • 2 BLIND_GROUP Connections
  • 4 RELAY Connections


Use Cases

  • You can using this Driver with YATUN Software Thermostat V3 as temperature sensor and relay output.
    You obtain 4 temperature zones.
  • 2 Blind with own up and downd buttons with HW interlock
  • Projector Screen and lift with own up and down buttons with HW interlock
  • 4 Switching lights with own input buttons
  • 4 Motion Sensor with own switching lights


Adeo Control App
Download the Adeo Control App from Android or Apple

Enjoy the free Control4 Integration!
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