Adeo Control SGDD-C4-3 Color Control

MSRP: $80.00
Adeo Group S.r.l.
Version: 1
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5This driver is intended to be used only with Adeo Control SGDD-C4-3 provided by Adeo Group Srl. Please referrer to Adeo Group Srl for more info and purchasing to

Manual available on



Main HW features:

  • the gateway handles simultaneously DMX (512) and DALI (64) bus;
  • the gateway supports light fading directly on the hardware;
  • the driver supports the Control4 Advanced Lighting and DALI dimmering curve.
  • Adeo Control SGDD-C4-3 does the addressing of DALI devices directly by its web interface;


The driver features:

  • The driver works with AdeoSGDD-C4_Light.c4z driver, Adeo Control SGDD-C4-3 Dimmable Light (1ch)
  • Provides new interface for native color and temperature control on OS 3.3 starting from old existing driver
  • Now you can hide all single color driver on Navigator and using only one driver
  • Support all kind of color fixture:
  • RGB
  • RGBW
  • Brightness +RGB
  • Brightness + RGBW
  • Brightness + Tunable White
  • SMART (dedicated to Adeo Control 4ch-LED-DIMMER-DMX)

 Supports the Circadian Lighting by Janus.


For DALI2 and DT8 integration we suggest SGDD-C4-4 Gateway.


Please contact for all Drivers documentation.


Driver Download (, 244 Kb) [Download]