Circadian Lighting

MSRP: $250.00
Janus Technology
Version: 102
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Circadian Lighing

Circadian Lighting is a new driver suite by Janus Technology that allows you to easily program a circadian rhythm for any tuneable white dimmers in your project.

Each circadian lighting controller can configure a schedule entirely from composer for a subset of lights you choose from your project - this means you can have multiple entirely different schedules running in one project, with a different subset of lights being controller by each!

Common use cases of this would be to synchronise the colour temperature of your lamps to your location's daylight, or possibly even your sleep schedule to give warmer colours at bedtime and cooler ones during the day.


Webview Compatibility

The Circadian Webview driver that also comes in this suite provides a very intuitive way to configure all circadian lighting controller drivers in your project, by using Control4's WebView technology!

You can access this enhanced interface through Control4's T3 table-top and in-wall touch-screens, making it quick and intuitive for your client to modify their circadian schedules whenever they choose.


If you don't have any T3 screens in your project, don't worry - this interface can still be accessed through any web browser, by entering the following address into your browser, substituting in the IP address of your Control4 processor


Driver Download (, 3,625 Kb) [Download]