DTI Automation

by Shelby Schwartz


DTI Automation Pvt. Ltd. is a company specializing in the field of home automation. DTI stands for Designing The Imagination. It is headquartered in the city of Vadodara, Gujarat, India. The company was established in the year 2011 and in a short span of just two years, it was awarded as GOLD dealer of Control4 in the year 2013. In 2020, DTI received the Control4 DIAMOND Dealer Badge. The company uses Control4 controllers and related software and programming to customize automation to meet their customers' needs.

Back in 2014, when the Automation Industry in India was growing and demanding a reliable and cost-effective lighting solution, some local Indian brands were trying their best and coming up with really robust and quite cost-effective lighting systems. but they lacked software development and User Interface. DTI's efforts were the icing on the cake. DTI developed exclusive Control4 drivers for many Indian Lighting Systems like Raylogic & Vavis. DTI also developed some cool drivers like EPG, TataSky IP Control, Yale Lock RF 2-Way Driver, Apple Siri Shortcut. And that's not all, DTI makes its own hum-free fan module which is very compatible with Control4.

The latest game-changer drivers from DTI are based on Integration with the Apple ecosystem. There are two drivers, first driver provides Apple shortcut integration with Control4 this is a very simple but too powerful driver, and the second driver is enabling a whole new level of integration. This Apple home kit driver enables controlling of all Control4 devices via Apple’s Native Home app which enables lots of new features like Geofencing, Remote access without 4sight, Siri Voice commands integration, and many more.

DTI always encourages integrators and dealers, you can see it in the fact that all drivers are free for Control4 showrooms and also they have wisely created driver documents and a very organized driver support team.

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DTI Automation currently has the following drivers available:


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