Lumin Smart Panel Pro

MSRP: $399.00
Cinegration LLC
Version: 1070
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Integration with home automation and intelligent energy

The Lumin® Energy Management Platform brings intelligent control to any electrical distribution panel and makes ordinary circuits smart. Cinegration Development has created a beautiful integration with Control4 into this energy solution.  Lumin’s hardware/software system enables responsive load management that can adjust automatically to storage status, demand limits and much more. The solution is valued by storage partners, solar installers, utilities, and homeowners alike

Integration Features:

  • Access to real-time information on
    each circuit’s power consumption.
  • Ability to use the Control4 interface to
    define which circuits to power and
    which to disable during a grid outage
  • Enabling a more eco-forward lifestyle
    by maximizing the use of clean energy
    during peak periods and beyond.
  • Simple Icons for customers to turn on/off devices in the home
  • Simple local IP integration
  • Working Partnership between Lumin and Cinegration so you can rest assured the software will continue to work for years to come
  • 7 day trial 

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  • Add driver to project
  • Link to sonnen ecoLinx driver
  • Enter IP address in Network Connections
  • Driver will register and setup with the unit
  • Assign a Lumin Circuit driver to each circuit found
  • Driver icon will be added to Comfort Section of room driver was added to
  • Refresh Navigators
  • 1070 (4.2020)
    • Initial Release