WiZ Wi-Fi RGB LED Lights

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Axon Engineering
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WiZ dimmable color-changing LED bulbs bring the ultimate light experience to your home, office, shop or hospitality business. Retrofit into a multitude of fixtures to create the ambience of your choice. Wi-Fi connected, 16 million colors and adjustable from warm white to daylight.

Looking for a controllable LED light to add to your ELAN project without having an additional "hub" to manage or a complicated solution like DMX?

Solution: WiZ Wi-Fi enabled LED bulbs and this ELAN driver.

Please note, this purchase is only for the ELAN driver and does NOT include the actual LED bulb.

Using our driver you have full control over standard lighting functions like:

  • On/Off/Toggle
  • Dimming
  • RGB control
  • White, warm white, and cool white control
  • Temperature control
  • Play a large number preset transitions such as strobes and color changing
  • Program specific colors

Although we have not tested every single SKU, it should also support the following:

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This driver integrates a WiZ Connected Light into ELAN. Please ensure the light is connected to the network and operating normally through the app before integrating into the control system. All lighting devices are dynamically added when the driver is added to the project. 

A license is required to use this driver (free 15 day trial). 


  1. Enter the IP Address of the WiZ Connected Light.
  2. Configure the poll interval. The driver will poll at this rate to get the latest device information.
  3. Create or import a page that binds controls to the RGB Slider lighting device or any of the scenes. Scenes are only able to be activated, not deactivated.


Poll Interval
Interval to poll the light for the current status.


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