Axion Lighting 5.5" & 8" Android Touch Panels

Axon Engineering
30 days
Version: 1

This module integrates an Axion Touch panel into a Crestron Control System via TCP/IP. This is for the driver only; you must have an Axion Touch panel to use this free driver.

It is recommended to set the touch panel to a static IP or assign a DHCP reservation.


  • Reboot
  • Volume Control
  • Mute Control
  • Screen Brightness
  • LED Control (8″ only)

A demo project is provided with a sample simpl windows program and vision tools UI that demonstrates how to configure and use the module with the Axion Lighting Touch Panel. See screenshots below of sample UI.

Driver Download (, 362 Kb) [Download]

See PDF in download for full documentation.


  • Initial Release