YATUN Modbus Generic Monitor

Janus Technology
Version: 2


The YATUN driver suite exposes various Number Variable input connections in its drivers. This generic monitor can be used to connect to these connections, enabling compatibility of all Number Variable connections in the YATUN driver suite with BMS Monitor.

One instance of this driver is to be used for monitoring each Number Variable connection, with configuration properties available to define what type of variable the connection holds.

Each connection can be defined as a Current Value (instantaneous values, e.g. temperature) or Total Consumption (cumulative values, e.g. total gas usage).

While you can view instantaneous or cumulative usage of a YATUN number variable in the driver’s properties, this driver is ultimately designed to be used alongside BMS Monitor - a unique driver for monitoring thermostat and consumption data, providing a simple web interface for viewing this historic data.

And best of all, YATUN Modbus Generic Monitor is completely FREE!


Supported Connections

This driver currently only supports connection with the type of NUMBER_VARIABLE.

Connections with the type of STRING_VARIABLE are not supported.



If you have any issues with this driver, please contact us, and we will be happy to help.


Driver Download (Control4_YATUNModbusGenericMonitor_v002_DriverCentral.zip, 665 Kb) [Download]


YATUN Modbus Generic Monitor Control4 driver
v002 Date 24-02-2021

- Capitalized all references to YATUN

- None

v001 Date 18-02-2021

- Initial Version