BMS Monitor

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Janus Technology
Version: 117
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Control4 BMS Monitor is a unique driver from Janus technology for monitoring thermostat and consumption data, providing a simple web interface for viewing this historic data.

The driver allows key parameters from one thermostat in your project to be monitored (current temperature, setpoint, HVAC mode and HVAC state). Additionally, outside temperature is obtained from an Internet service, together with a temperature forecast for the rest of the day.

The solution supports any thermostat proxy, v1 or v2 - no special thermostat drivers are required. Furthermore, no additional devices/interfaces are required - all data is stored directly on the main controller, and backed up in persistent memory, so it is preserved across power cycles and even system restores. Up to 30 days' data (or 10K samples) are stored for each of the monitored elements, with simple navigation between daily and weekly views.

While BMS Monitor allows you to view any number of thermostats, utility drivers and more simultaneously, you may be interested in BMS Monitor Lite - which is a perfect lightweight alternative to BMS Monitor if you only need to monitor a single zone (e.g. tracking rack temperature to confirm safe operation).



Webview Compatibility

The webview interface is compatible with any Control4 T3 touch screen.

You can also view the interface from any browser by navigating to the following URL, substituting in the IP address of your main processor;




Whats New?

v117 - 10/12/2020

  • Introducing customisable screens! Add your own screens to BMS Monitor, allowing comparison of any monitored variable within the same view.
  • BMS Monitor on your phone! Mobile compatibility added via web browser, with support for adding a shortcut to your device’s home screen.
  • Added additional icons to the screen icon selection

v116 - 14/10/2020

  • Added device sorting mechanism – sort your devices alphabetically, by type, or icon type.
  • Added compatibility with Control4 Z2IO and Z2C drivers.

v114 - 15/09/2020

  • Added screen configuration – press and hold on a monitored device in the webview to customise display options, such as icons, Y-axis scale limits and more!
  • Added support for eGauge Monitor driver
  • Added support for KNX Generic Monitor – available here

v109 - 17/07/2020

  • Added support for Flo by Moen driver suite (requires v1089)

v108 - 09/07/2020

  • Added support for v1 thermostats
  • Added monitoring for outdoor humidity

v106 - 20/06/2020

  • Added support for HeroLabs Sonic water monitor
  • Added support for utility metering with any KNX meter
  • Added humidity support for thermostat drivers




What driver types are compatible with BMS Monitor?

  • Thermostats (v1 and v2 proxy)
  • HeroLabs Sonic (water consumption)
  • Flo by Moen (water consumption)
  • KNX Generic Monitor (any KNX datapoint!)
  • eGauge Monitor (energy usage)
  • Control4 Zigbee to IO / Contact Sensor (temperature and humidity)


Which variables are monitored for thermostats?

Depending on the thermostat driver capabilities, the following variables can be monitored

  • Temperature
  • Setpoint C/F (single setpoint, or seperate Heat/Cool setpoints according to capabilities)
  • HVAC Mode
  • HVAC State
  • Humidity

Additionally, the following data will also be visible alongside the aforementioned variables

  • Outdoor temperature + forecast
  • Outdoor humidity + forecast


Can I use BMS Monitor from my phone/tablet?

You can! Ensuring that your device is on the same local network as your Control4 processor, in your device's native browser navigate to http://<controller_ip>/driver/hvac_generic_bms_monitor_lite_dc/dist to access the BMS Monitor interface.

For iOS devices, you can favourite this web page to your home screen by tapping the upload icon, then tapping Add to Home Screen.

For android devices, you can favourite this web page to your home screen by tapping the menu icon (upper-right corner), then tapping Add to Home Screen.

WARNING due to web page caching, after updating BMS Monitor you must either re-create this favourite or restart your device to access the new updates from your device.


I would like a new driver type / variable to be monitored

We are actively working on this solution to bring other data visualisations into Control4. Please contact us with any suggestions or if you have any specific requirements!

Driver Download (, 3,052 Kb) [Download]


BMS Monitor for Control4 driver
v117 Date 10/12/2020
- Added customisable screens - create your own combinations of devices and variables to be monitored on the same view
- Added new app icons for iOS and android webpage favourites
- Added additional icons for screen icon selection
- Y-axis scaling shows more sensible intervals
- Database cleared of old screens that are no longer monitored on startup
- Added a custom command, allowing cloud backups to be scheduled
- Added key events to buttons with click events, allowing full control of BMS Monitor without a mouse

- Fixed issue where custom scaling would sometimes be lost on a driver reboot
- Fixed issue where instantaneous views would not show the correct current value
- Fixed issue where renaming some drivers would not update the webview
- Temperature display drivers prevented from showing HVAC mode/state graphs
- Z2IO and Z2C drivers no longer show a duplicate 'Humidity' field in the edit popup
- Fixed issue where saving a backup to the cloud would not save all data if the DB has expanded since the last reboot

v116 Date 14-10-2020
- Added compatibility with Control4 Z2IO and Z2C drivers
- Enabled KNX Monitor to display a history for some instantaneous values
- Enabled Humidity view to be visible for Control4 Residential Thermostat drivers
- Added driver sorting mechanism
- Behind the scenes cloud backup improvements

- Fixed issue where blank views would exist for KNX Monitor drivers if only 1 datapoint was being used

v115 Date 17-09-2020
- Rate-limited cloud backups to 1 per 8 hours

- Cloud backup failures in European locales handled to fail gracefully - cloud fix to follow

v114 Date 15-09-2020

- Added support for KNX Generic Monitor

- Fixed issue where deleting a monitored driver would cause a startup error on next reboot

v113 Date 15-09-2020

- Added support for eGauge Monitor
- Added support for North Generic Monitor
- Added screen configuration popup, accessed by holding a device on the sidebar
- Screen configuration - added icon selector
- Screen configuration - added adjustable Y axis limits
- Screen configuration - added view title & y axis label fields
- Outdoor Temperature & temperature forecast scale (C/F) now taken from project properties
- Added text to indicate when there is no data to be displayed

- Fixed issue where no data would appear when switching from a thermostat with humidity to one without
- Setpoints and HVAC mode/state are now monitored for the Control4 residential thermostat V2

v112 Date 23-07-2020

- N/A

- Fixed issue where drivers displaying multiple bar vars would have a data resolution that is much too small

v111 Date 20-07-2020

- Increased startup delay - for heavily loaded systems

- Fixed calculate of daily consumption for Flo by Moen
- Work-around for DAILY_CONSUMPTION variable for Flo by Moen sometimes showing a small reduction (without wrapping around)

v109 Date 17-07-2020

- Added support for Flo by Moen water meter

- N/A

v108 Date 09-07-2020

- Added 'Lite' version of the driver, supporting monitoring of only 1 driver of each type
- Added support for Thermostat V1 drivers
- Added outdoor humidity monitoring, displayed alongside any humidity view for compatible thermostats
- Added warning message in webview, indicating when the driver is unlicenced (demo expired)

- Fixed issue where the driver icon would not be displayed correctly in the Control4 UI
- Reduced rate that OpenWeatherMap requests the forecast, minimising the risk of number of requests exceeding the daily maximum

v107 Date 02-07-2020

- Set date range to 'today' for instantaneous views

- Fix hard-coded driver name that caused 404 error on T3 screens

v106 Date 20-06-2020

- N/A

- Fixed issue with invalid data not being excluded from Database (eg 0 TEMPERATURE on startup)

v105 Date 19-06-2020

- Added support for Herolabs Sonic Leak Detector, which monitors water consumption
- Added support for KNX utility metering
- Implemented new time selector controls, allowing custom data ranges
- Added humidity support via ThermostatV2 proxy
- Added ability to smooth excessively noisy data to reduce number of samples sent to webview
- Added icons to the device selector to indicate device type
- Added localization to support Slovak and Czech characters in device names

- Fixed startup issue where thermostat temperature/setpoint would jump to 0 for a moment
- Temperature display drivers no longer display irrelevant HVAC mode, HVAC state and setpoint
- Removed horizontal line in outdoor temperature (thermostats) line that appears 48hours+ into the future
- Fixed comms failure with OpenWeatherMap API
- Fixed issue where a UUID for cloud backups would not be assigned on initialisation

v104 Date 12-05-2020

- Added cloud backup/restore functionality
- Added outdoor temperature + forecast to be displayed alongside thermostat temperatures and setpoints
- Graph control timescales start and end at 00:00 on the respective days

- Fixed BMS Monitor appearing as a monitored device in webview
- Fixed crash when viewing a range that had no data

v103 Date 27-04-2020

- Added support for split setpoints
- Added support for both fahrenheit and celsius
- Added horizontal stacked bars for HVAC Mode and State (monitored thermostats)
- Added user guide
- Added DriverCentral licensing version
- Supports driver name changes

- HVAC Mode and HVAC State always display in the same order for all thermostats

v102 Date 11-04-2020

- Clears the database when a driver is removed from the project
- Added lights as a monitored device type
- Added icons for the Control4 UI
- Added 'yesterday' scale option for the webview graph
- Improved calculation for min/max variable values for the webview graph

- Retrieval of staircase values fixed so that it doesn't overflow to before the variable was being monitored

v101 Date 03-03-2020

- N/A

- Fixed webview so that it displays on both browsers and T3 touch screens

v100 Date 02-03-2020

- Initial release