Axion Lighting 5.5" & 8" Android Touch Panels

Axon Engineering
Version: 2

This driver integrates an Axion Touch panel into the Control4 project. This driver supports SDDP and can be found in the discovered tab.

This is for the driver only; you must have an Axion Touch panel to use this free driver.


  • System Reboot
  • Screen Brightness Control
  • System Volume Control
  • 8” Touch panel Color LED Control

Driver Download (, 372 Kb) [Download]

Quick Start Guide

  • Add this driver via SDDP, ensure the IP Address updates and properties populate.


  • Set Volume – Sets the volume of the given stream, ranges are 0-15.
  • LED Control – Sets the led color, only supported on 8” model.
  • Reboot – Reboots the device
  • Set Brightness – Sets the system brightness, ranges are 1-100
  • Set Mute – Sets the mute state on or off
  • Version 2
    • Updated documentation
    • Removed launch app functionality
  • Version 1
    • Initial Release