Ksenia domus sensor driver for lares 4.0 in Control4 systems

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Kiwifarm Srl
Version: 1000
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domus is a built-in module for Ksenia lares 4 security systems that provides a motion detector, a temperature sensor, relative humidity, and light intensity in a single device.

This driver is not intended for stand-alone setup: it works only in conjunction with our lares 4 Control4 driver.
Please buy and install the lares 4 driver before setting it up.


Use cases

  • it allows switching lights on and off depending on the internal brightness, whenever someone is in the room;
  • it provides humidity sensor to drive and manage at best an air conditioning and dehumidification system;
  • it provides temperature for adapting the comfort level to the use of the environment with significant energy savings.


Driver Features

  • make available the temperature and the temperature scale by variables
  • make available humidity value and if it is over the threshold by variables
  • make available brightness value and if it is over the threshold by variables
  • connect it to Yatun Software Thermostat and Temperature Display driver or the default Temperature Display driver by Control4;
  • use multiple instances of the driver in a single project







Driver Download (ksenia_domus.c4z, 618 Kb) [Download]

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