Ksenia lares 4.0 driver for Control4 Systems

MSRP: $89.00
Kiwifarm Srl
Version: 8000
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With this new driver, you can control lares 4.0 Systems from the Control4 interface to use all its feature and have sophisticated programming, thanks to the multitude of variables available.

Use cases

  • Controlling your security system from the Control4 interface.
  • Using security sensors to trigger Control4 events.
  • Enhancing your security system with the audio/video Control4 capabilities.

Driver Features

  • Up to 20 partitions
  • Up to 644 zones, in according to your lares System
  • Connection over IP
  • New Interface Ready
  • full control of your lares System
  • *NEW* Support for driver Ksenia Domus multisensor.

Available Variables

  • Trouble message
  • The last zone alarmed
  • The last partition change its state
  • The current state of all partitions
  • State of each Partition
  • State of each Zone, analog zone are included too.
  • Control each Output
  • GSM operator and the credit of each sim
  • Temperature Indoor and Outdoor

For each partition the variables can:

  • Be Disarmed, Armed
  • Show the current state of the alarm and its type
  • Display personalized text in UI
  • Set entry and exit delay time for each partition
  • Show the last emergency
  • Show the fail to arm condition


  • before using this driver, refer to the installation instructions,
  • the trial period is limited to a maximum of 72 hours,
  • the driver work on http connection, use port 80 on the lares4.0 system. 







Drive Download (Ksenia_lares4-suite-v8000.zip, 5,348 Kb) [Download]

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