Ksenia lares 4.0 driver for Control4 Systems

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Version: 13000
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With this new driver, you can control lares 4.0 Systems from the Control4 interface to use all its features and have sophisticated programming, thanks to the multitude of variables available.

Use cases

  • Controlling your security system from the Control4 interface.
  • Using security sensors to trigger Control4 events.
  • Enhancing your security system with the audio/video Control4 capabilities.

Driver Features

  • Up to 20 partitions
  • Up to 644 zones, in according to your lares System
  • Connection over IP
  • New Interface Ready
  • full control of your lares System
  • *NEW* Support for driver Ksenia Domus multisensor.

Available Variables

  • Trouble message
  • The last zone alarmed
  • The last partition change its state
  • The current state of all partitions
  • State of each Partition
  • State of each Zone, analog zone are included too.
  • Control each Output
  • GSM operator and the credit of each sim
  • Temperature Indoor and Outdoor

For each partition the variables can:

  • Be Disarmed, Armed
  • Show the current state of the alarm and its type
  • Display personalized text in UI
  • Set entry and exit delay time for each partition
  • Show the last emergency
  • Show the fail to arm condition


  • before using this driver, refer to the installation instructions,
  • the trial period is limited to a maximum of 72 hours,
  • the driver needs an HTTP connection, use port 80 on the lares4.0 system. 







Drive Download (Ksenia_lares4-suite.zip, 5,362 Kb) [Download]

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** For the Installation guide, check the PDF Manual. **

Important info if you upgrade from a version previous than 9000

Starting from version 9000, we introduced a significant fix for better memory management, increasing performance, and strengthen stability.
If you want to get the most of this version, it is essential to follow these steps:
  1. do a backup of your project before starting;
  2. upgrade the driver to the latest version. It could a long process, especially if you used it for a long time;
  3. when the driver is ready, press the "Read from panel" button and wait until the queue is empty (see the status in "Ks Last Config" property);
  4. run the action "Clear internal tables";
  5. perform again "Read from panel" and wait until the queue is empty (see the status in "Ks Last Config" property).

We notice some trouble in the touch panels interface after the upgrade. This happens because the process could be too long. In this case, when the procedure is complete, you can try to start a "refresh navigators" or switch panels off so that they can reload the entire interface from fresh.


Thanks to Lukáš Polívka from Yatun for his kind suggestions.

CHANGELOG of Ksenia_lares4 Driver

Ver 12000:
- fix: occationally log messages break the driver

Ver 11000:
- fix: occationally driver stop working with lares4 firmware greater than 1.7x

Ver 10000:
- support for new driver AUXI HT, added

Ver 9000:
- fix: internal table unexpected growth
- improved stability and performance.

Ver 8000:
- fix: bug prevents driver to comunicate with DOMUS drivers
- performace emprouvement

Ver 6000:
- support for new driver DOMUS, added
- better state synchronization with Light-to-Relay driver

Ver 5000:
- better integration with Light-to-Relay driver

Ver 4000:
- fix the selection of scenarios by the keypad on iPhone

Ver 3000:
- fix keypad on iPhone (UI_REQ table)
- numeric temperature variable, added
- new license provider, added
- fix on update scenarios properties

Ver 1020:
- fix list of no-automation scenarios
- fix interfaceID = nil (on Android starting from OS3)
- better support for Temperature variables

Ver 1010:
- fix on lares change not red by the driver (Synch)
- fix on RemoveZone (ipairs error)

Ver 1003:
- fix on queue manager.

Ver 1002:
- fix on licensing manager and Persist Variables.