Magic Home Wi-Fi LED Strips

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Axon Engineering
Version: 14
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Previously the "Nexlux" driver; now called "Magic Home" since it works with a large number of brands using the same protocol.

The latest update fully supports the new Control4 Colorwheel and proxy updates! 

Looking for an inexpensive way to add controllable LED light strips to your Control4 project without having an additional "hub" to manage or complicated DMX solution?

Solution: Magic Home Compatible Wi-Fi enabled LED strips and this Control4 driver.

Some quick background on the LED strips: They are shipped as an all in one a kit which includes a UL approved power adapter, discrete Wi-Fi controller, and a spool with 16.4ft of RGB LEDs. The black strips are also coated and perfect for "damp" installs like under a kitchen counter.

This purchase is only for the Control4 driver and does NOT include the actual LED strips.

NOTE: We have seen some issues with units running firmware v5. It is highly recommend you get an LED controller running v6 or higher. It also appears that v9 firwmare units do not report their status correctly. It is recommended you turn off polling in the driver when using these units and exclusively manipulate them via Control4. 

Using our driver you have full control over standard lighting functions like:

  • On/Off/Toggle
  • Dimming
  • Support of Control4's new Color Wheel Light proxy
  • RGB control via our included RGB slider for older systems; adjust the color and white with one slider!
  • Connections for binding to keypad buttons
  • Play a large number preset transitions such as strobes and color changing
  • Program specific colors using the Composer Pro color selector
  • Red, Green, Blue, White/Warm White and Cool White sliders for independent color control

Although we have throughly tested with the Nexlux brand of controllers, it should also support the following:

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Chris Durant
Chris Durant
Works as promised, love it!
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This driver integrates a Nexlux WiFi Enabled Light Strip into Control4. Please ensure the light is connected to the network and operating normally through the app before integrating into the control system.

NOTE: When using RGBW LED strips with independent white LEDs, power consumption will vary which is why there is a separate control just for white. Driving both the color and white LEDs too high may result in a fault on the light controller. Please use a power supply with an adequate enough Amp rating for your application.

  1. Add driver to project.
  2. Go to connections tab, then network, and enter the IP Address of the device.
  3. Go back to the driver and ensure the Status property says "Network - Online". If is doesn't, make sure the device is powered and connected to the network.
  4. Bind the color slider, if desired, for control over the full RGB spectrum. Note 100 percent signifies white.
  5. Refresh navigators.

 **NOTE: If you do not have control at first, please use the Magic Home app to turn the lights on and then off, we have seen cases where they need to be "initialized" first and then work fine from Control4 onward. 


Cloud Status

Indicates status with the cloud.

Automatic Updates

Displays when a newer version of the driver is located in the cloud.


Indicates network connection status.

Last Received Network Data

Timestamp of when the driver last received data from the light.

Poll Interval

Interval to poll the light for the current status.


Allows you to turn the display of debug messages in the lua output window ON or OFF.






Set Color

Sets the light to the given RGB value.

Set White

Sets the light to the given white value. 

Set Preset

Sets the light to the a preset pattern with a transition between 1-31.



Color Control
Dimmer that encompasses the whole rgb spectrum in values ranging from 0-100.

Red Color Control

Dimmer that encompasses the whole red spectrum in values ranging from 0-100.

Green Color Control

Dimmer that encompasses the whole green spectrum in values ranging from 0-100.

Blue Color Control

Dimmer that encompasses the whole blue spectrum in values ranging from 0-100.

White Color Control

Dimmer that encompasses the whole white spectrum in values ranging from 0-100.




  • Created new RGBW driver which supports the latest Control4 OS Color Wheel Proxy and eliminates the need for individual color sliders.


  • Update functionality when polling is disabled to ignore unsolicited light feedback. 


  • Add new property field to disable polling when units do not report their light level correctly. 


  • New device specific command to set all colors and whites at the same time


  • Fixed issue with Toggle button not working on the sliders


  • Add set-level for OS3 UI


  • Added support for 9-byte LEDENET protocol wifi modules


  • Moved ramping commands to device specific commands. Proxy conflicts caused infinite ramping bug.


  • Added toggle dimming ramping support for SR260/250


  • Fixed issue with button links under Connections


  • Added support for RGBW


  • Added individual color slider bindings for independent rgb control


  • Added device specific command for controlling color and brightness


  • Removed color slider update notifications


  • Release